Monday, March 30, 2009

Meeting Today! 4-6 pm

Regular meeting today.
Lots to discuss and resolve.
Deadlines approaching fast.
No Pizza today!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Digital Caricatures

Bonnell Lobby, Get your picture taken, shaken, stirred and sent digitally to your email, proceeds go to the CCP Photography Club, and you will receive an email with a high quality before and after shot.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meeting Minutes

Meeting 3/16/09 Minutes
Attending: Doug Rivera,Earl Weeks,Tyrone Marquez,Shawn Wilson,Walt Johnson,Samuel Montgomery,Courtney Thall,Yen Le,Len Parry,Qaadira Muhammed,Anne Enders,MJoniec
Meeting began at 4PM

-Welcome new member Samuel Montgomery!!!!!
-Pizza & Wings were served compliments the club & SGA.
-an unannounced visitor , Kurtis Diaz, stopped by. He wants to hire photographers for customer web site assignments. His company builds web sites. They will need photos from time to time. This is work for hire. No budgets were discussed. Kurt can be contacted at: cell 267-207-4402, e mail:
-In exchange for food, visitors told us a short photo story. Tony Wychunis told us about his experience in losing exposed film from a wedding he photographed. Years later he has been commissioned to photograph the wedding of the people's son. A happy ending?
-Art Danek told us the story of how he produced the poster the the 2009 Student Photo Show.
-MJoniec showed his photos from PhotoSafari/Old City 3/6/09.
-Walt Johnson showed his photos from PhotoSafari.
-Shawn Wilson showed his photos as candidates for the Club Group Photo Show & Sale. Members voted unanimously to proceed with 4 or 5 best selections.
-Anne Enders showed her selections for Brother Print Samples Competition & Group Show. Members assisted with the selection process.
--Anne brought sample prints from her father's photo studio. They were hand colored oil portraits. Club needs to see them again!
-Digital Caricatures this Mon, 3/23, 10:44AM - 3:02PM Bonnell Lobby. Volunteers Needed.
--Model's Releases from Jon Spielberg, edited by Walt Johnson, will be used. Participants will be encouraged to purchase a CD for $5.00 contribution to the club. Pay Cashier.
-Deadline for Print Samples Competition 4/6/09
-Deadline for Group Show delivery of "Framed, Ready-to-hang" photos 4/13/09.
-we need to plan and order food trays from Whole Foods for the Show Opening.

************We need to make announcement cards, bulletin board announcement flyers, and a Poster for the Group Show............
Here's the wording with details you can use:
" Community College of Philadelphia
CCP Photography Club
The Community College of Philadelphia's PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB will be exhibiting prints by student members. Opening reception is on Saturday, April 18 from 5-9PM and running until the end of April.
Prints for exhibit and sale will be shown at Dada Rug and Art Gallery, 113 S. 12th St (corner 12th & Samson Sts.), Phila. Pa. 19107.
Dada Rugs' interior designer, Davoud Rad, is extending the courtesy to club members for the 3rd consecutive year.
Dada Rugs Specializes in sales of natural fiber rugs and wall hangings and also offers design services, restorations, cleanings, and appraisals.
Photography Club faculty advisor, Michael J. Joniec, is pleased to assist many talented students exhibit their contemporary, talented work in a beautiful venue.
Various styles and photographic techniques by club members ensure an interesting, professional exhibit. Patrons wishing to purchase artworks, at reasonable prices, are assisting college students to assemble resources for continuing their college education and are acquiring beautiful decorative artwork from budding young artists.
Please visit during normal store hours, Tuesday through Thursday 10-6, Fridays 10-8, Saturdays 10-6, and Sundays 12-5, or plan to attend the opening reception on April 18.
CCP Photography Club on the web at
We look forward to seeing you at the show! "

Next Meeting Mon 3/23, 4PM, B1-11.......
Bring plenty of photos to view!!!!

Meeting Ended at 6PM

Minutes Compiled by MJoniec, Faculty Advisor

Any one wishing to be removed from future mailings should mail me back & you'll be, reluctantly, removed.
Thank You for your continuing interest & support!!!!!
What's next? An on air fundraiser?????

Monday, March 16, 2009

Follow the link below for some fine images by Antonio.......
Good Turn out on a Good Day!
Participating members: Walt Johnson, Antonio McCall, Marvin Lopez, Francky Andujar, Len Parry, Shawn Wilson, Alex DiFiori, Sam (the rookie) Shooting Film!, Michael Joniec, Dawn Joniec.
Canon & Nikon digital cameras were used. T-Max400 film was used by one person. Members ooohed & aaahed over such a unique image recording device (film camera Nikon6006!). Some were allowed to touch it!!!
Eyewitness News was set up to broadcast Cathy Orr weather report live from First Friday on 6 O'Clock News, CBS3.
The Camera Operator, while waiting, told us stories about his father being a press photographer using 4X5" portable cameras and flashbulbs from 1939-1969. He talked about the evolution of camera sizes starting with Speed Graphic 4x5" cameras, moving to Yashica Twin Lens reflex cameras, then concluding with 35mm SLR style cameras. He spoke of HDTV and the necessity of contemporary reporters to be able to capture & process HD video.

Hot off the presses!
Early images from PhotoSafari, Old City, Fri 3/6.
Plenty more coming to you as they are processed & received........ Ahhh MEN!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Group shots from the photo safari, this Friday in Old City.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Photo Safari

We're on for today, 2nd & Mkt Sts, 3PM & 5PM!
I am leaving my house at 9AM... no access to e mail.
No need to call... just be there!
Hope to see many people there with cameras, flashlights, props, models, whatever.

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec

Thursday, March 5, 2009

club minutes

CCP Photography Club
Meeting Minutes, Tues. 3/3/09.
Attending: Earl Weeks, Doug Rivera, Andrew Golas, Len Parry, Walt Johnson, Frank Andujar, Qaadira Muhammad, Shawn Wilson, Diego Chiri, MJoniec
Meeting began at 4PM.
-Doug Showed and Talked about the Club Vinyl Banner.
-Scheduled PHOTO SAFARI, Fri, 3/6, 3PM, 2nd & Mkt. Sts. Rain-dates Thurs 3/12 or Fri 3/13!.RSVP intention to attend.
-CCP Student Print Show, Rotunda Gallery, Thurs, 3/19, 4PM-6PM, Guest speaker Garrett Brown (inventor of the steadicam, Photo Studio following reception c.6:30-9PM.
--PhotoClub involvement in "PhotoSpace, March is Media Month, Caricatures, Bonnell Lobby, Mon, 3/23, 10-3PM. Set up smart cart & camera, capture head & shoulders portraits, Import to photoshop then liquify for cosmic reviews! Model's Releases absolute must!
-Ongoing "Brother Print Samples" competition deadline for submission Mon, 4/6 at club meeting.
-Earl inquired about a Bake Sale fund raiser... any interest?
-Doug showed his design for PhotoClub embroidered patch. Probable fund raiser.
-5 persons volunteered to man the booth at photospace.
-First Friday, Old City, gallery stroll, members meet at 5PM, 2nd & Mkt. Sts, Fri, 3/6.
-reminder... our NEW website, maintained compliments Len Parry,
-Pizza & Wings (or Hoagie bits) ordered for meetings 3/16 & 3/23
-CCP Photography Club Print Show & Sale........
--deadline for framed prints 4/13, delivery to DADA on 4/14/AM
--Opening reception Sat, 4/18, 5-9PM....... bring some "patrons of the arts"!
-Earl is asking SGA how to proceed with CCP Model/Talent search during Spring Fling.
--Certificates of accomplishment as reward?..... plus a photo shoot?......... input needed.
-MJ Advises Members be required to show images for peer review before acceptance for shows, competitions & graphics.
Next Meeting Mon 3/16
Hope to see you & your images there!
Meeting ended at 6PM

Minutes compiled by AGolas
Edited by MJoniec, Faculty Advisor

Idea to try

Photo Safari

CCP Photography Club
The long awaited Photo Safari is on for this Friday, 3/6, 3PM, 2nd & Market Sts, Philadelphia 19106.
Weather permitting.
If it is raining at 2PM, then it's a no go. No calls required. Rain Date Thurs 3/12.
Members meet, then stroll the area taking pictures.

5PM members meet again at 2nd & Market Sts.
First Friday Old City Gallery Stroll until 7PM or so.
(Market to Race Streets, 2nd to 3rd Sts.)

Bring a camera &/or tripod.
Bring a flashlight.
Bring a friend, model, subject, snack, whatever.

Grow your creativity...... get involved.

Mail me back if you are intending to participate at either event.

Minimum 3 members required to make it happen.

Good opportunity to shoot for assignments, gallery show, print samples contest, etc.

We hope to see you there!

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec
CCP Photoclub
Faculty Advisor

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tuesday Meeting

Because of the snow closing.... there will be a meeting of the Photo Club Tuesday 3/3, 4-6PM, in B1-11.
Not sure about pizza, probably not.
Important topics to discuss.
Please try to be there.
Much ado about scheduling for next several weeks activities.
Hope to see you there!!
Bring a friend.

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