Thursday, December 10, 2009

Final Meeting of 09 will be Tuesday 15 Dec. 2009!

Final Meeting of Fall '09 this Tuesday, 12/15, 4 PM, B1-11.
Hope to view plenty member photos.
Hope to plan "Break" activities, contests, Photo-Safaris, etc.
Hope to close out the year viewing 3 Stooges as photographers episode, "Dutiful But Dumb", 1934, Curly Classic. (No Smoking in the theatre at this time!)
{Why, I Oughta'!!!!!} (MOE: What are ya' eating that junk for, ya puddin' head? LARRY: I gotta tape worm, it's good enough!)
Here's from our President, Man about Town, Earl Weeks:..................
"Hello, I want to congratulate the members of the Photography Club. Our Photo Gift Basket Fundraiser was extremely successful. We raised a total amount of $278. I am very proud of everyone. I'm so proud that I hope you will agree to make Valentines Baskets too. The materials would need to be turned in and wrapped at our first meeting in 2010. Feel Free to add Valentines Candy, cards, and anything else you can think of. We are going to market this better and get it out to all members of the schools' community.

Again thanks

Earl Weeks"

Here's a recap of the meeting from 12/8/09 Compliments our new "Minute Man", note taker, Beau (N.B.) Johnson:
-Welcome, Lindsay Reed, as new member!
Attending: John Ervin,Fred Rosso,Courtney Thall,Beth Eddis,Beau Johnson,Ann Enders,Len Parry,Doug Rivera,Earl Weeks,Pam Bivens,Michael Joniec. Briefly sighted: Art Danek, Jon Spielberg. Total = 14.
-MJ showed photos of Dad's 90th BDay, End of Fall nature abstractions, Pearl Harbor Survivors at Willow Grove Air Base, 12/7/09.
-Discussion (to BOOS!) about the conversion of Photo 101, traditional B&W to Digital (Forget about it!)!!!
-Drawing at 5 PM: Nic East (Yielded to another student), John E. Joniec (Yielded to another student),
then, Ex LG winner: Antonio Powell, Med/Lg winner: Sappho Fulton, Small/Darkroom: Delores Jones............
Congratulations to all of the winners!!!!
.... Complimentary Club patches to be issued to two Benefactor/Philanthropists/Patrons of the Arts!
-Len Mentioned ADORAMA's low, low SD Card Prices!
-Discussed "Photo Booth" fund raiser ideas for "March is Media Month" activities

Hope to see you On Tues, 12/15 at 4 PM, in B1-11....... Bring a friend, study & relax on Study Day!

Check out YOUR Website: (it's really good!)
being generously maintained by webmaster: Len Parry... Thanks, Len!
The old site seems to have disappeared...... finally!

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec

Monday, December 7, 2009

CCP Photo Club.......
If you ordered from Dawn Schpak last Tuesday, then your money is due tomorrow.
Bring it with you.
Basket raffle 5 PM Tues.
Last chance to buy tickets tomorrow.
See you there!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The club get together in old city, last night 12/4/9, was cool.
Good opportunity for a "Once In A Blue Moon" event on Dec 31st, fourteenth hour, thirteenth minute, Second Full Moon of December & Decade?
Thoughts? (Hot Air Balloon Camera Lift?.... we're movin' up!))
Fred Rosso & wife Pat, Tom March, Paul Grugan, Dawn Joniec & Michael Joniec slowly circumnavigated old city galleries, good conbersation, tech talk.
(the artwork wasn't bad, also!)
Sighted enroute: ...... Linda Tananis (da' bomb!), Alex difiori (in a stunning brown ensemble), Michal Smith (Silicon Printmaker), Evan the T Shirt Guy, Old City Coffee owners Ruth & Jack, Walt (Galleries) Johnson, and others, as well.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CCP Photography Club
Bonnell Lobby, 10-4, Today..........
Photography Club Holiday "Basket o' Cheer" Chances to be sold.
Proceeds to assist photography club with program and outreach activities thru May '10.
$1.00 per chance..... choice of 3 baskets.
Please stop by and assist the "away team" to man the table.... give some one a break to get a drink or something.

We need a photo for on-line/e mail sales......... please submit ASAP.

All Club participants have done an outstanding job in collecting, donating, creating, and now..... selling!
The baskets are so nice they seem to sell themselves! (tickets were sold, already, just wheeling the cart holding the baskets to an office!)
Baskets contain photo related items such as: books, photos, frames, memory cards, tripod, darkroom supplies, printing supplies, mugs, original art, etc., etc.
Please watch for a photo in upcoming announcements.

All contributors deserve much praise & thanks..... it's been a lot of fun so far!

Tell a friend..... send in a picture or two!

Sales will continue until 5 PM, Tues, Dec 8..... then the drawing of three winners will commence.
Rumor has it that __________ will do the drawing!

Take a Chance!
Good Luck!

Pres Earl Weeks, VP Doug Rivera, Sec Tom March, Treas Len Parry, FacAd MJoniec