Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.15.10 Minutes

Meeting Minutes 11.15.10
Attending: (10) DiBruno, Parry, Dorsey, McDowell, Weeks, Fullard (as in invisible spirit), Johnson, Rosso, Adelman, MJ
Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm B1-11

Next Monday, 11/22 at 4PM, is our club sponsored INTERNATIONAL FOODS NIGHT!
Bring a food item with an ethnic background. Homemade or purchased.

-Diversity training discussed. We decided to speak at meeting in Feb '11. Walt volunteered to speak about portraiture, Alicia elected to speak about painting with light.
-Volunteer info wanted. So we can volunteer somewhere as a group. We would like to do community service somewhere.
-Bring food &/or drink for international foods night, Mon 11/22@4PM
-Basket Raffle.......Please bring in gifts for Christmas Basket Raffle............ Photo Items, Christmas items, Cards & more needed. We'll fill 3 mini christmas sled baskets.... 1-Large, 1-Medium, 1-Small. Tickets will be $1/1, $5/7, $10/arm's length.
-Sunday Dec 5th will be Photo Safari day. We are looking for suggestions for somewhere to go.
-Please bring suggestions to make club better in the spring semester. We have $1000.00 in our treasury. We can order some equipment, food, etc. Help make the next club meeting exciting!

Meeting ended at 5:40

Minutes by Earl
Edited by MJ

Friday, November 12, 2010

11.5.2010 PhotoSafari

CCP Photo Club... and Friends:
We were there..... Old City Phila, Friday, 11/5/10 @ 3PM 'til 7......
Attending:(9) Walt Johnson, Anne Enders & Dan, Alicia Dorsey, Antonio McCall, Fred Rosso, Andrew Golas, Art Danek, MJoniec.
The sun finally came out at 4:15... the shutters started clicking..... images captured.. Image processing under way, for sure!
Nice Light!
Antonio donated his tripod to Alicia for "Time" exposures..... MJ & Alicia were shooting 100&400 T-Max FILMS......
All else digital... with auxiliary spotlight & colored LED lights.......
You shoulda' been there!
Walt told us stories about reading poetry, along with only a few other, "on the air" on Temple's new, basement, underground radio station.... WRTI, 90.1 FM..... in, get this..... 1956! Yikes!
Later, we strolled over to Silicon Gallery on third St... Phila's Premier Inkjet (Giclee) Printmakers..... saw a beautiful display of first class quality, varied styles of large prints on display...... co owner, Michal Smith, gave use some advice on producing 8"x10", B&W, negative prints on clear acetate for use in contact printing in the darkroom at school.
Last (until spring!) First Friday Photo Safari because of fading light in dropping temperatures....... our legs we very cold.... time to go to the greenhouses, from now 'til spring!

Here's a snapshot of some of the images captured by member, ANTONIO McCALL........ Thank You!
View the complete set at better resolution at:

(C) Antonio McCall

11.8.2010 Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes 11.8.10
Attending: (10) Brittany Hair, DerShar Myers, Len Parry, Bill McDowell, Jen Rigler, Ashley Fullard, Bill DiBruno, Earl Weeks, Fred Rosso, MJJoniec
Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm B1-11 at school

-SHARE program, community non profit food program open to everybody, get $50 worth of food for $20. Google SHARE or see Earl Weeks for details.
-The diversity office wants a presentation about the photography club one member could volunteer to give the presentation. Give presentation in January, February, or March.
-Earl talked to Divine, the president of the fashion club, and also talked to the mommy club about making posters to decorate the cubicle. With photographs taken from /of each other.
-Jen brought up an idea about the gallery show and also having a fashion show during the April Gallery.
-Discussion of the faculty show in the rotunda.
-Discussion of a bus for next years PDN, however sounds painful and expensive.
-Talked about the Art Center (art school in CA) presentation that will be held in B1-11 on Tuesday the 9th, at noon
***Also there will be a photographic resource link page that will contain all and anything related to photography, places like B&H,,, etc.. If you have any favorites please send to MJ and it will be added and shared by all. We will also include an alumni section for previous student photographers with gallery websites.
-International food day is being planned, last year was a great and tasty success. November 22nd is the tentative date, please decide what you want to bring next week.
-Veterans Day luncheon event at noon with student life, you have to sign up and you are allowed to bring guests.
-Christmas Gift Baskets timeline:
29th November baskets will be assembled for the raffle.
The week of 6th of December tickets go on sale.
The drawing for the winner will be on the 13th December.
-DerShar Myers took a group self portrait with her Fuji digital camera
-MJ showed Halloween Pictures
-Fred Rosso showed First Friday pictures.
Meeting ended at 5:30
Minutes compiled by Len Parry, VP.
Edited for accuracy by MJJ

Ammended Items from Early Weeks, President:

Amendments to minutes. 1-3 members can present for the Diversity Training. Also, a slide show presenting work submitted by club members can be shown as they speak. The presentation will highlight our photo club and its activities on and off campus.

Jen's idea for our gallery show was to have the fashion club model outside the shop and create curiosity about our show. They would also invite fashion designers etcetera to come to the gallery. They would hopefully buy some art or hire us for other projects. We would also have some musicians perform to add to the ambiance.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Meeting Minutes 11.1.10

Meeting Minutes 11.1.10
Began at 4PM in B1-11

Attending: (7) Walt Johnson, Deshar Myers, Jen Rigler, Fred Rosso, Tom March, MJJoniec

-Welcome by Pres. Earl Weeks
-Earl & Fred talk about photoclub involvement in CCP Halloween Party on 10/29.
-- Fred Showed wonderful photos of the event
--Event was a success & enjoyed by all participants
-Club budget has been approved.... $1000.00!.. available now!
-First Friday in old city phila. People will meet at 3 PM, 2nd & Mkt Sts, on the benches.
-Photo Club Embroidered patches for sale, $5.00 each.... see Earl... members attending at least 6 meetings will receive free.
-Earl announces Civil War Gen Meade's birthday on Dec 31, 2010..... Laurel Hill Cemtary..... 11AM open to all...... free food, fun, civil war re enactors attending!
-Walt reported on PhotoPlus Expo, NY. Lots of new info, lots of people attending, lots of free workshops... definitely a worthwhile activity. Nikon Pin awarded to Nikon user, Tom March.
-Earl says, "Photo Club members wishing to take pictures around school meet next week ... 3PM, outside of Bonnell Bldg., Shoot til 3:45!
-Jen suggests we invite the fashion club to be at our next gallery show.
-MJ recommends guest lecturers, laboratory experiments, field trips. Members to decide who, what, when, where.
MJ donated at "Photo-Booth" decorative picture holder to Christmas Gift Basket Raffle.
-Members can drop off donations anytime to photo dept, Rm B1-13, "Attention: Photo-Club Raffle Donations".

Next Meeting: Mon 11/8 @ 4PM in B1-11
President to address members:
-Info from SGA, other clubs, & administration
-Old Business-Cover past meetings & tying up loose ends (hemp roping preferred!)
-New Business-Discuss new Plans, trips, etc.
-Open Floor-open for everyone to speak up
-Advisor's Talk
-Tech Talk given by one of the members
-Pictures will be screened with any additional time left. 10 Pic Max. 1 or 2 pics may have problems and the photographer may ask the group for help.

Minutes compiled by Earl Weeks
Edited & distributed by MJJ

We need a regularly attending secretary to take meeting notes!