Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CCP Photography Club

Meeting Minutes 1.26.09 4 -6pm Rm B1-11

Attending:Earl Weeks,Doug Rivera,Beth Eddis,Joe Staffieri,Len Parry,Courtney Hall,Ann Enders,Megan Schuster,Qaadira Muhammad,Walt Johnson,John Delancey, And new members: Beau Johnson,Sarah Bouie,Beverly Brooks,Jake Werner,Bryn Campbell,Leann Popowcer, Judy Engle, and Faculty Advisor Michael Joniec.

Meeting began at 4PM

18 persons in attendance!!!!!!!!!


Pizza & Wings were served compliments Student Government Association & Photo Club.

-Opened with Introduction of club vice president (Doug) and president (Earl Weeks)... welcomed new members ( 7 new members )

-Secretary and treasurer nominated unanimously – secretary= Elizabeth Eddis, treasurer = Joe Staffieri

-Tentative club schedule announced –some events to be rescheduled –other events might be added (ideas welcome) – Art Museum & Gallery 339 not open on Mondays, suggest Gallery 339, 22nd & Pine Sts, 3PM on a Wednesday....... TBA.

-Taking submissions for Photo club patch ideas/designs

-Photo Safari ideas –Divine Lorraine (Broad and Fairmount Streets), First Friday (March 6th) during Spring Break

-5 members had photos selected for last semesters' print sample competition –this semester’s deadline for submissions is April 6th. More TBA at next meeting.

-Venue needed for club photo show - possible venues = Fuel 3rd & Arch, rent a recreation center 17th & Christian, Crane Arts Bldg in Northern Liberties?

-Ideas for fund raising – Valentine photo booth, bake sale, photo caricatures.

-C.C.P Idol ??--- Models needed for portfolios, TBA

-Club website needs to be updated –new pics are needed from current members–Len is going to try to update

-Add a Face book page for club? Len Parry working on this.

-Photo opportunities – CCP sports teams need photos of games and players

Club Activity Info

-Club meets in B1-11 Mondays from 4 – 6 pm

-Feb 23rd,Monday,3PM,Tour Philadelphia Photographics Photography Laboratory, 1021B Arch St, Phila.

-Photo Safari, During Spring Break, March 2nd week, TBA

-Photo Caricatures, Bonnell Lobby, March, in Conjunction with CCP Student Photo Exhibit,TBA

-First Friday Art Gallery stroll & tour, Old City Phila, 5PM, 2nd & Market Sts, weather permitting

-Studio Lighting Techniques, CCP Photo Studio, April, TBA

-CCP Idol, Modeling Talent Search, April, TBA

-Members Gallery Show, off campus, Sat 4/18, location TBA

-Club website – www.ccpphotographyclub.org

-S.G.A Club Room – s1 -12

Club related meetings

-(S.G.A) - Wednesday at 4pm in student life building S2 -3

-General Assembly meetings- January 28- Rm S2-3

-February 25 – coffee house

-March 25 – coffee house

-April 22 - S2-03

Interesting Websites

- www.Blurb.com - make your own book

- www.MPIX.com - similar to Blurb

Next Meeting, Mon 2/2, 4-6PM,

B1-11, Bring Photos to view!

Meeting Ended at 5:45PM

Minutes compiled by Beth Eddis

Edited by MJoniec for accuracy.

Monday, January 26, 2009

First Meeting of CCP Photo Club for 2009

Everything went well, pizza was purchased and consumed. Layout of events unfurled, new officers elected.