Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/27 Minutes

CCP Photography Club:
Attending: (17 persons) Walt Johnson, Gregorio Fontanez, Bill McDowell, Henry K, Marvin Lopez, Jen Rigler, Bill DiBruno, Len Parry, Earl Weeks, The Bobrovnikov's, Yury Ignatovsky, Brittany Hair, Fred Rosso, Andrey Kolyada, Peter Frey, MJoniec.

Began at 4 PM in B1-20..... quickly moved over to B1-11.

We met in the classroom because the equipment belonging to the club was locked up in student affairs office....
and no one could unlock it.

Members Henry K, Marvin Lopez, & Peter Frey showed examples of their photography work. It was interesting!

Pres Earl asks for VOLUNTEERS to staff our table at Student Involvement Day.....
10 AM - 4 PM, Wed 9/29... in the courtyard.
Please help for a while as you are able.

First Friday in old city coming up this friday.
Stay tuned for details... the usual 3 & 5PM meeting times at 2nd & Mkt. Sts.
5 say they are in already.... weather permitting

Len Parry reminded all that the Philadelphia Open Studio tours begin this weekend for participating studios west of Broad St.
Open Studios will be Sat & Sun this weekend!!

Meeting ended at 5:45 PM.

9/20 Minutes

The CCP Photography Club
Meeting 9/20/10...... Minutes

Attending: (22) John Irvin, Bill McDowell, Tom March, Irina & Andrey Bobrovnikova, Yurey Ignatovsky, Lea Myers, Liz Eddis, Len Parry, Bill DiBruno, Earl Weeks, Doug Rivera, Britany Hair, Jen Rigler, Jeannette Walz, Aaron Brown, Antonio McCall, Peter Fry, Fred Russo, Andrey Kolyada, Ashley Fullard, MJoniec.
Meeting began at 4:15 in Rm B1-11 at school

-President Earl weeks announced that the fundraising gift basket of photo items for raffle in October is too late for the school to sanction. It needs six weeks advance notice to the school before approvals from management.
-Zombie survival club is negotiating a possible photo shoot with the photoclub. More TBA when info is acquired.
-Student Involvement Day is Sept 29... we would like to have a table. Applications being filed.
-Bring Camera equipment Serial #'s to meeting on Oct 4... we will record & store information for members.
-Oct 11 is Professional Development Day.... school closed to students
-Photo Plus Expo in NY... weekend of Oct 29-30..... plans to go aas a group via NJ Transit.... Register NOW.... FREE registration, Transportation nominal.
-Member Peter Fry suggested we try a pinhole camera activity
-First Friday PhotoSafari/Gallery Stroll.... Oct 1 in Old City... stay tuned for updates.
-Len Parry Suggested we participate in Philadelphia Artists Open Studios weekend in October
-Off Campus Photo Club Benefactor, Davoud Rad, has opened a new gallery in old city... 108 N. 2nd St, 2nd & Arch.... go visit & say hello@.... possible future site of next Members Gallery Show!
-Student Life 17th annual Leadership Retreat coming soon.... see Earl
Students showed their Photos to the Group:
-Aaron Brown showed images from his commercial web site. Cool!
-Tom March presented slideshow of his photos including lightning above the Ben Franklin bridge. Refined!
-Irinia presented photo composites of the dresses she makes by hand. Photos by husband, Andrey Bobrovnikova. Images created in the home studio. NICE!!
-Brittany Hair presented her photos on Flickr, including photos from her senior year photo project. Awesome!

Members are encouraged to bring photos to view......
and present ideas for club activities!

Coming up at the next meeting on Monday 9/27......
Members meet in Photo Studio B1-20 at 4 PM. Earl Weeks will display & use equipment that the photo club has purchased.... Printer, & studio backgrounds & equipment..... members bring cameras & film to take pictures in the studio!

Meeting ended at 5:45 PM

Minutes compiled by Andrey Kolyada
Edited for accuracy by MJoniec

9/13 Meeting Minutes

The CCP Photography Club
Meeting 9/13/10
Attending 16 persons: Bill McDowell,Jeannette Walz,Ann Enders,Jennifer Rigler,Lea Myers,Len Parry,Earl Weeks,Doug Rivera,William DiBruno,Brittany Hair,Fred Rosso,Henry K,Ashley Fullard,Peter ____,John Ervin,MJoniec.

Meeting began at 4PM in Rm B1-11 at school.

-President Earl Weeks welcomed all attendees and spoke of the various college policies, regulations, procedures and clubs & organizations cubicle space in S1-12.
-Photo Plus Expo in NYC Oct 28-30. Club Planning to attend on Sat Oct 30. Jeannette checking YELLOW BIRD, Fred Checking NJ Transit, John checking PATCO, Earl checking into obtaining reimbursement from CCP.
-----Earl reports that:
-School clubs are interested in hiring photographers. We need to make a form for clubs to fill out.
-We have a background support and lights.... we need a background
-People want to do glamour portraits
-Sports Departments want stills and videos
-check to look for jobs in film or photography. Staff, Crew, or Talent.
Fund Raising Activities:
-Photography baskets to be raffled off on Oct 18.
-three baskets will be made
-build the baskets on Oct 4.
Other Ideas for possible Club Activities this year:
-Student Involvement Day is Sept 29. Set Up Table in coutyard representing PhotoClub. Take Picture.
-Away trip to MOMA in NYC
-Tour of Phila Photographics photolab in Phila
-Visiting Photographers to show portfolios
-Lighting Demo/Halloween theme
-Ancient Processes in photography
-Field trip to other college photo departments
-Trip to Longwood Gardens
-Create a photography directory
-Create a Club yearbook

Meeting ended at 5:50PM

Minutes compiled by Peter ______.
Edited for accuracy by MJoniec

Saturday, September 11, 2010

9/3 First Friday Report

CCP Photo Club & friends:
First Friday in Old City was: .... mellow at first, more people activity as the evening wore on.
Attending: Anne Enders, Andrew Golas, Dawn, Lina, & Michael Joniec, & Marielle _____,
Sighted: Warren Bernstein (Says Hello to all former mates!), Linda Berger & Nephew Anthony, Linda Tananis.
Visited: Old City Coffee (after Rehab), Moderne Gallery, Silicon Gallery.... and countless street vendors including: Harpist, Banjo, Guitar, Drums.
Crowning Moment: Grand Opening of Photo Club Benefactor, Davoud Rad, New Gallery Location: 108 N. 2nd St, Phila 19106.
Wow! Looks Great! Partner, Ayoud, a joy to speak with! Go check it out!

Photo Safari was big on "Special Effects". Star/Streak filters utilized on camera lenses including Cell Phone effects!

All above Photo © Copyright 2010 by: Anne Enders


All Above © Copyright 2010 by: MJJoniec
Above © Copyright 2010 by: Lina Joniec (cellphone photo)