Saturday, October 8, 2011

CCP Photo Club:
First Friday in Old City on 10/7/11 was a blast!
Attending were: President Fred Rosso, Binh Tran, Charlene & Ray Brown, Ngoc Tran, Andrey Kolyada, Antonio McCall, Alfred Walker, Jani, Zakee Vaughn, Andrew Golas, & Michael Joniec. Total = 12.
Members met at 3 PM, strolled slowly, captured images in the beautiful late afternoon sunlight, then visited Silicon Gallery on Third St., then some members continued photography experiments in the dark by "painting with light". We concluded activities at 8 PM.
It was fun!
Here are some photos submitted by Antonio McCall.....
Please note that The Photos are © copyright protected & are not for reproduction..... but you can look all you want! And the "Blue Mode" group photo out front of Old City Coffee is by MJJoniec.
Hope to see you at the next event.......

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec
CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 10/3/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Jeanette Walz, Fred Rosso, Charlene Brown, Andrey Kolyada, Bill Mcdowell, Shawn Melvin, Ben Tran, Ngoc Tran, Alfred Walker, Sharon Highsmith, Jennifer Midberry

- Members met at 3:30pm and took photos around campus together until 4:30pm.

- At the meeting following that, Andrey and Ben told the group about the Halloween Party planning meeting. The planning committee needs to know as soon as possible what we will be doing at the party. The group needs to decide whether to float around and randomly take shots and put them on a display screen or to set up an area/booth where guests can be photographed.

- Next week, we will bring the club's equipment and we will go over what it is all used for and where it is stored.

- Members will be meeting for First Friday. We will meet on 2nd Street next to the dog park at 3pm on Friday, October 7. We will walk around from 3-5pm then if we want we can tour the galleries afterward.

- On Monday we will also be doing our brown bag event, where we place a item in a brown bag, we exchange items and then we photograph our new item and bring the pics in the next week. And to all who went out on the photo walk they can also bring in pictures to share with the club.

- As we closed out a few of the members shared some of there weekly pictures and since so many missed the photo walk, we will set up another one.

- There was a recap on who was attending the general meeting it was decided that Fred and Charlene would attend. It was also mentioned that we should reach out to some of the other clubs and connect with them to see how we can help each other.
CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 9/26/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Alfred Walker, Ben Tran, Bill McDowell, Fred Rosso, Andrey Kolyada, Charlene Brown, Toron Ferguson, Chauntel Gordon, Sharon Highsmith, Anthony Merriett, Michael Joniec and Jennifer Midberry

- Andrey Kolyada showed some photos he took over the weekend at the Zombie Prom event at the Trocadero Theater.

- Ben Tran also showed us some of his work from his current and past classes.

- Fred Rosso updated the group on some important events that a few of us will need to be present at:
1) The Halloween planning meeting on Thursday, September 29 at 4pm in the Wynette building. Ben and Andrey volunteered to attend.
2) The general assembly meeting which also will be in the Wynette building on Tuesday, October 4 at 3:30pm. Fred and Charlene will attend this meeting.

- We have a few fun projects we will be participating in as a group such as "the brown bag" where everyone brings in a small item in a bag, we exchange them and then photograph the objects in the bags.

- On Monday, if the weather permits, we will meet at the class room at 3:30pm and go out around the campus to take some photos together.

- The trip to the Inquirer and Daily News has been reserved exclusively for the CCP Photojournalism. If Photo Club members are interested, they are encouraged to take that class next year.

- The Open Studios tour, where artists in the city open their studios to the public, are coming up. Members discussed arranging a group for either the Oct 1-2 or Oct 15-16 tours.

- Members will meet for First Friday to take photos and attend the gallery openings.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 9/19/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Walter Johnson, Jeannette Walz, Alfred Walker, Ben Tran, Bill McDowell, Fred Rosso, Vincent Ancona, Andrey Kolyada, Tyrone Marquez, Charlene Brown, Ngoe Tran, Eleonora Antsis, Michael Joniec and Jennifer Midberry

- First order of business was determining new officers, voted on by a show of hands. The new officers are:
President: Fred Rosso
Vice President: Jeanette Waltz
Secretary: Charlene Brown (alternate: Andrey Kolyada)
Treasurer: Ben Tran
- Second matter of business was suggestions for participating in the CCP Creative Arts Halloween party. Ideas were to take photos of attendees as they mingle at the party or to set up an area for students to come and get their photos taken. There were also suggestions about showing the iages on a display during the event or posting them on the photo blog to draw attention to the blog.
- Next, many of the members gave suggestions about speakers to either attend the club meeting or the club can go to them. Members were most interested in hearing from a fashion photographer, fine art photographer, art director, photojournalist, wedding photographer, sports photographer, advertising photographer

- Later other suggestions for club activities were presented:
- All members should get familiar with the clubs' equipment, to know how to use it and where it is stored.
- First Friday trips in Old City.
- Perhaps having weekly contest for best photo.
- Action items for the club:
- Determine what to do and what has been done with past funds (get proposal forms from room 112).
- Have a representative attend the general assembly meeting.

Minutes taken by Charlene Brown and edited by Jennifer Midberry
CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 9/12/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Walter Johnson, Jeannette Walz, Alfred Walker, Shawn Melvin, Ben Tran, Bill McDowell, Fred Rosso, Paul Grugan, Vinca Ancona, Adrienne Diehl, Andrey Kolyada, Michael Joniec and Jennifer Midberry

- Former faculty advisor Michael Joniec introduced new advisor Jennifer Midberry and welcomed returning and new members. Everyone introduced themselves and talked about their specific photographic interests.

- The meeting then consisted of discussing numerous housekeeping issues and brainstorming ideas for how to use the club meetings and resources for the upcoming year. A list of the issues raised follows:

- An election needs to me held for new officers for this year. It was decided that nominations and voting will take place during the next meeting. Positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer must be filled. Additionally, the club needs to vote to approve Jennifer Midberry as faculty advisor.

- Members talked about how they wanted to use the club's Blogspot web page going forward. Do we want to continue to use it as a place to post in-house business or transform it into something more promotional to generate interest in the club? No final decision was made.

- There was also talk about starting and using a Facebook page for the club to have an online forum and a place to further discuss in-house club business.

- The issue was raised of whether to put forth effort to publicize the club beyond the photo department to reach out to potential members around campus. Suggestions included placing posters in new locations around campus, updating and promoting our Blogspot presence and reaching out to other student clubs.

- A discussion about how to maintain the e-mail list took place, with members debating whether to trim down the list or to offer those on the list the option to opt out. It was decided that there would be language added to future messages sent on the list informing people how to be removed from the list.

- The question of what equipment the club currently has was raised, and it was decided that members should take inventory. Additionally, we briefly discussed the fact that we have a new budget and should think about how to use it. Also, the club decided last year to start a scholarship fund, but the club needs to follow up with that this year and decide how to administer it. It was decided that former president Earl Weeks should be consulted about where the club stands in regard to both of these issues.

- There was a great deal of discussion about what activities members would like to have the club pursue this year. Suggestions included: Annual gallery show, photograph other clubs' events, photo safaris, guest speakers, weekly photo contest, critiques of ongoing work, coordinating with the school newspaper, reach out to other college photo clubs, visit photographers/go to galleries. We decided to work towards setting an agenda during the next meeting.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

CCP Photo Club:
Final Meeting of 2010/2011 Academic year
Attending: Walt Johnson, Earl Weeks, Antonio Powell, Bill McDowell, Andre Kolyada, Jeannette Walz, Antonio McCall, Shawn Wilson, Fred Rosso, Eleonora Antsis, Michael Joniec.... and special attendance by Photo Dept Head, Geoff Berken total=12
Meeting began at 4 PM in B1-11

-Walt showed members an early 360ยบ, enclosed inner loop. panorama of 4x6" photos taped together.
-Fred Rosso demonstrated his "Lens Baby" SFX lens attachment for wildly shifting focus
-Bill demonstrated a quality tripod recommended for purchase by the club
-Eleonora presented a slide show of Bryn Athen & Japanese Tea House early Spring celebration
-Andrey demonstrated off camera portable flash triggering via radio slave remote control devices
-Andrey presented recommended Monolight Flash Heads for the club to purchase
-Ant McCall showed a self published book of his photos
-MJ captured images to be sent as a follow up e mail
After the presentations members voted:
-to purchase a MANFROTTO tripod & head
-to purchase a FLASHPOINT electronic flash system
-to begin an annual $250.00 SCHOLARSHIP FUND for ccp photo students & club members, funded by fund raising activities

Monthly meetings on first Mondays after First Fridays during the summer months!

Meeting Ended at 6 PM.

Minutes compiled by MJJoniec

Club members are reminded to pick up their display prints from David Rug & Art Gallery
108 N 2nd St. Phila 19106
Tues-Sat 11-5
Tele 267 519 3165

Sunday, April 10, 2011

You are invited to attend:

The CCP Photography Club
Annual Print Exhibition
Opening reception on First Friday in Old City
4/1/11 - 4/26/11
David Rug & Art Studio
108 N. 2nd St. (2nd & Arch Sts)
Phila Pa 19106
267 519 3165

All club members, alumni, college employees, families & friends are welcome & encouraged to attend.

Members have been planning the show since September '10. Fundraisers & other informational activities have contributed to the quality of artwork displayed in the show. A broad diversity of ages, cultural backgrounds, and artistic visions make the show an interesting & eclectic mix of styles and techniques..... from good old fashioned traditional darkroom photography to cutting edge digital compilations.... have produced a visually stunning presentation in an interesting environment.
Please support or benefactor, Davoud Rad, in considering items in the studio for sale to the public.
Our off campus gallery show is endorsed by Community College of Philadelphia, Clubs and Organizations.
Light soft drink refreshments & finger foods will be served........ and if all goes well..... we'll even have some light entertainment, as well!
The Show runs until April 26. The Gallery is Open 11-5 Tues-Sat, or by appointment.

We hope to see you at the Opening Night Festivities!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

1-31-11 Minutes

CCP Photography Club
Meeting 1.31.11
Attending: Ashley Fullard, Jeannette Walz, Kareem Brooks, Bill McDowell, Deshar Myers, Shawn Wilson, Earl Weeks, Michael Joniec....... and introducing new members: Jabbar Lewis, Xiaojing Pan, Zakee Vaughn, Peter Bruder, J. S. Harrington, Yu Lin, Chanda Jones.Total=15.
Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm B1-11.

-President, Earl Weeks, & Fac Advisor, Michael Joniec, welcomed new members. Each, in turn, introduced themselves to the club. Some photgraphy majors, others simply interested in photography. Nice to see so many new & interesting people attending!!
-Gallery show opening First Friday, Old City, 4/1/11, 4-9 PM, at David Gallery, 108 N 2nd St, 2nd & Arch Sts.
---Requirement of attending at least six meetings in order to participate in the gallery opening, six photos max, Largest size is c.16x20, Professionally matted and framed, students to show work in meetings for club approval, Thursday March 24th is the deadline for all prints to be delivered to school, Ordering cakes and non alcoholic drinks for the event, fashion club expected to participate in opening night activities.
Planning/Advertising Committee for the Gallery Show:
Kareem Brooks
DeShar Myers
Ashley Fullard : )!! lol
Job is to promote the gallery event..... ads, flyers, information publications
Other news:
-Possible feild trip to photo studio 20th and Cedar
-Photo Club participation in March photo student show demonstrations.... ideas will be discussed at a later date
-Fundraiser/Party at school, Feb 25th Friday 4-8pm, Photo Club/Paralegal Club, fundraising activity, photos sold to participants, fashion club interested in participating.
-Guest Speaker comes to club meeting 4-6 Mon 2/21, Representative of The Library Co. of Phila, Nicole Joniec, Print Dept Assistant & Digital Collections Manager.

Meeting ended at 5:45 PM

We Hope to see you at the next Meeting, Mon, 2/7 @ 4 PM, B1-11, Bring your best Photos to view for inclusion into the April photo show!

Minutes promptly compiled by Ashley Fullard
Edited for accuracy by MJoniec

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pictures PhotoSafari 12/31/10 - Laurel Hill

CCP Photography Club & Friends:
In case you were wondering about the 12/31 Photo Safari......
Here's pictures from Nate Stone, Bill McDowell, Antonio McCall (Link Below) & Lina Joniec.
Wish you were there... it was interesting & fun.... & we learned a lot, too!
Earl weeks was there, as expected, & looking the part.
Fred Rosso was often mistaken for a general!
Antonio's Bright White Jacket made an effective fill light!
Bill McDowell's Mono Pod kept him from slipping in the snow (Steady, Lad!).
Lina Joniec was making the enlisted guys anxious.
MJ shot 100T-Max... film!
We'll view many more of the photos at our first club meeting in Spring Semester, 2011, after MLK Day!.

Above 4 photos ©Copyright 2011 by Nate Stone

Above 5 Photos ©Copyright 2011 by William McDowell

Gen Meade's direct descendent.

Meade's descendent with Meade reenactor.

Above 6 photos ©Copyright Lina Joniec 2011

Here's the link for Antonio's Photos....NICE!

Here's the write up response from the General Meade Society...........

Re: General George Meade's Birthday Service and Champagne Toast at Laurel Hill Cemetery

It was a great event that generated a record turn-out of participants and perhaps the best weather we have had in quite awhile. The music, the colors, the pageantry and of course, the food were all spectacular!

Dr. Andy Waskie, directed an organized & dignified procession despite the swelling numbers of attendees. It was a fitting tribute to General Meade, his gallant soldiers and this year - his dear mother.

Job well done by everyone involved - THANK YOU!

Photos from yesterday's service are available for viewing on the GMS Flickr account -

***Anyone willing to share their photos from the Birthday service can email them to : - and we will gladly post them onto our Flickr account.

Ed Zongolowicz

The General Meade Society's mission is to promote and preserve the memory of Union Major General George Gordon Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac and architect of the Union victory at Gettysburg. The society currently boasts hundreds of members throughout the country, all of whom share a common interest in General Meade's multifaceted life and career. Activities include: administering the Meade school scholarship, tours of Meade-related sites in Philadelphia, living history presentations, historical symposiums, supporting battlefield preservation, conducting graveside services honoring war heroes and the adoption of the Meade Monument and HQ site in Gettysburg, PA.
Learn more about our organization by visiting: "

You may want to send your photos to the address above.
Hope to see you at the next CCP Photo Club Activity!!!!

Happy New Year!