Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summertime events

CCP Photography Club

Here are the details for the summer schedule of the club, as determined by your club officers:

Photo Safari, 3 PM, Friday 6/5, meet at 2nd & Market Sts, Walk to Penn's Landing.
-Weather Permitting! No rain at 2PM means we will meet. No Calls Necessary, MJ will wear a Red Hat!
-Please e mail M Joniec if you intend to participate. minimum 3 persons required to make it a GO!

Gallery Walk, 5 PM, Friday 6/5, meet at 2nd & Market Sts, First Friday in Old City

June Meeting Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 4pm, at school, B1-11
---very important to attend, Embroidered patches & Certificates of Achievement to be distributed to regular members

---View images from Photo Safari, Plan additional summer events

July Meeting Tuesday, July 28, 2009, 4pm, at school or elsewhere, To be determined by members

August Meeting Tuesday, Aug 18, 2009 4pm at school

Bring your camera.... Bring a Friend...... New Members Welcome!!!!!

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Seminar Tonight!

Do you panic when you have to discuss money with a client? Do you talk too fast, ramble or sound indignant? Do you give in too fast to a lower price or broad licensing terms?

Join Blake Discher for his highly acclaimed “Strictly Business 2” lecture on how to win jobs.

“Incredible information — Blake has removed the smoke and mirrors of our business.”
— Alicia Eschwege

Seminar topics:

* Learn how to prepare for a negotiation.
* Researching the client.
* Increasing your clout.
* Listening skills.
* When is it time to walk away?
* The follow-up is critical.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009
7:00 PM
Doors open half an hour earlier.

CCP Small Auditorium
Philadelphia, PA

Register today!

Pre-registration required to be eligible for door prizes.

35.00 — ASMP Member
60.00 — Non-member
50.00 — Professional Association member*
0.00 — Special price for students and faculty of the academic institution donating meeting space for this seminar*
20.00 — Student*
Door Prizes:

A copy of Microsoft Expression Media (a $299 value)
A copy of The ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography book

This program is sponsored by

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The CCP Photography Club
Meeting (Final Sp'09) Minutes 4/27/09

Attending: Liz(Secretary) Eddis, Walt Johnson, Earl(President) Weeks, Anne Enders, Len(Treasurer,Webmaster) Parry, Courtney Thall, Beverly(our Miss) Brooks, Megan Schuster, Doug(VP, LPA)Rivera, Antonio(Poster Man) McCall, Nate Stone, Ingrid Gendall-Conrad, Marilyn Lavins, Michael(Faculty Advisor) Joniec, and special guest appearances by Tony Wychunis, Art Danek, Allan Kobernick. ( That's 17 people! )

Meeting began at 4:00PM
-Meeting catered with hoagies, sodas, compliment SGA/Clubs & Organizations... Thank You!
-Photo Stories were told by walk-ins in exchange for food......Amber, Oscar, Art, Marilyn, Kobernick....... good stories!
-Art told us about local photographer, Al Horner, working at pre sunrise hours, only, in Jersey Pine Barrens.
-Gallery Prints to be picked up from Dada Gallery beginning Thursday, 4/30.
-Ngoc Tran sold a print at the group show & sale!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
-MJ spoke about photography at dusk of interesting astronomy scenes.... check out
-No selections were made from student submissions to the Brother Print Samples contest.... better luck (and skills) next time!
-EMBROIDERED PATCHES........CCP Photography Club embroidered patches, design by V.P. Doug Rivera, have been ordered.
--When they arrive we'll distribute to regularly attending members, guest speakers, & remainder to be used as fund raisers @ $5.00 ea.
-Open Call for Entries..... Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, Colorado..... info
--students are advised to enter as many "Open Calls for Entry" contests as possible, always!
-Walt suggests making e mail addresses available to the whole group...... 57 names on a group list..... so members can communicate directly with one another.
-Summer Schedule....... PhotoSafaris, Meetings, First Fridays..... interest was there, no vote taken on any topics.
-A group photo is desperately required.... are there any or could we meet one more time?
-Stay Tuned to club activities via
Meeting Ended at 6PM

Special Thanks & Commendations:
-To all interested members..... thanks for your continuing support, & great feedback on photo topics!!!!!!!
-To guest speakers & tour hosts..... your hospitality & generosity are very much appreciated.... we learned much...... see you soon!
-To Earl Weeks...... for unwavering hands on involvement as liason between us & student/school government.
-To Doug Rivera.... for excellent design & production of Signage & PR materials
-To Liz Eddis..... for recording events in longhand with timely advisor interface.... fabulous!
-To Len Parry.... for webmaster timely postings and great internet suggestions.
-To Walt Johnson... for experience based advice on legal issues, institute navigation & experience, & e mail record keeping/publishing.
-To Courtney Thall... for ALWAYS being here, and phenomenal growth & development within photography... without any formal photo classroom instructions..... way to pay attention!
-To Anne Enders...... for constantly caring, showing unique photo memorabilia, supporting ALL members.... and great photos, too!
-To CCP Dept Photographic Imaging Faculty & Administrators..... for ongoing use of facilities, equipment, and encouragement....... Thanks!!!!
---We're just getting started.... imagine next year!
-To M Joniec....... for relaying info in a timely fashion..... and advice...... READ!!!!
-To Dawn Joniec... for patiently waiting, supporting, & proof reading during countless hours MJ's message writing...... you 'da bomb'!!!
-To CCP Clubs & Organizations, & Student Government Association...... for giving us the "Long Leash" to be creative & productive... A debt of gratitude, & thanks for the eats!

© COPYRIGHT 2009 by: Doug Rivera, Reproduction Prohibited w/o written permission.

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec

Faculty Advisor

The CCP Photography Club