Sunday, May 1, 2011

CCP Photo Club:
Final Meeting of 2010/2011 Academic year
Attending: Walt Johnson, Earl Weeks, Antonio Powell, Bill McDowell, Andre Kolyada, Jeannette Walz, Antonio McCall, Shawn Wilson, Fred Rosso, Eleonora Antsis, Michael Joniec.... and special attendance by Photo Dept Head, Geoff Berken total=12
Meeting began at 4 PM in B1-11

-Walt showed members an early 360ยบ, enclosed inner loop. panorama of 4x6" photos taped together.
-Fred Rosso demonstrated his "Lens Baby" SFX lens attachment for wildly shifting focus
-Bill demonstrated a quality tripod recommended for purchase by the club
-Eleonora presented a slide show of Bryn Athen & Japanese Tea House early Spring celebration
-Andrey demonstrated off camera portable flash triggering via radio slave remote control devices
-Andrey presented recommended Monolight Flash Heads for the club to purchase
-Ant McCall showed a self published book of his photos
-MJ captured images to be sent as a follow up e mail
After the presentations members voted:
-to purchase a MANFROTTO tripod & head
-to purchase a FLASHPOINT electronic flash system
-to begin an annual $250.00 SCHOLARSHIP FUND for ccp photo students & club members, funded by fund raising activities

Monthly meetings on first Mondays after First Fridays during the summer months!

Meeting Ended at 6 PM.

Minutes compiled by MJJoniec

Club members are reminded to pick up their display prints from David Rug & Art Gallery
108 N 2nd St. Phila 19106
Tues-Sat 11-5
Tele 267 519 3165