Tuesday, January 27, 2009

CCP Photography Club

Meeting Minutes 1.26.09 4 -6pm Rm B1-11

Attending:Earl Weeks,Doug Rivera,Beth Eddis,Joe Staffieri,Len Parry,Courtney Hall,Ann Enders,Megan Schuster,Qaadira Muhammad,Walt Johnson,John Delancey, And new members: Beau Johnson,Sarah Bouie,Beverly Brooks,Jake Werner,Bryn Campbell,Leann Popowcer, Judy Engle, and Faculty Advisor Michael Joniec.

Meeting began at 4PM

18 persons in attendance!!!!!!!!!


Pizza & Wings were served compliments Student Government Association & Photo Club.

-Opened with Introduction of club vice president (Doug) and president (Earl Weeks)... welcomed new members ( 7 new members )

-Secretary and treasurer nominated unanimously – secretary= Elizabeth Eddis, treasurer = Joe Staffieri

-Tentative club schedule announced –some events to be rescheduled –other events might be added (ideas welcome) – Art Museum & Gallery 339 not open on Mondays, suggest Gallery 339, 22nd & Pine Sts, 3PM on a Wednesday....... TBA.

-Taking submissions for Photo club patch ideas/designs

-Photo Safari ideas –Divine Lorraine (Broad and Fairmount Streets), First Friday (March 6th) during Spring Break

-5 members had photos selected for last semesters' print sample competition –this semester’s deadline for submissions is April 6th. More TBA at next meeting.

-Venue needed for club photo show - possible venues = Fuel 3rd & Arch, rent a recreation center 17th & Christian, Crane Arts Bldg in Northern Liberties?

-Ideas for fund raising – Valentine photo booth, bake sale, photo caricatures.

-C.C.P Idol ??--- Models needed for portfolios, TBA

-Club website needs to be updated –new pics are needed from current members–Len is going to try to update

-Add a Face book page for club? Len Parry working on this.

-Photo opportunities – CCP sports teams need photos of games and players

Club Activity Info

-Club meets in B1-11 Mondays from 4 – 6 pm

-Feb 23rd,Monday,3PM,Tour Philadelphia Photographics Photography Laboratory, 1021B Arch St, Phila.

-Photo Safari, During Spring Break, March 2nd week, TBA

-Photo Caricatures, Bonnell Lobby, March, in Conjunction with CCP Student Photo Exhibit,TBA

-First Friday Art Gallery stroll & tour, Old City Phila, 5PM, 2nd & Market Sts, weather permitting

-Studio Lighting Techniques, CCP Photo Studio, April, TBA

-CCP Idol, Modeling Talent Search, April, TBA

-Members Gallery Show, off campus, Sat 4/18, location TBA

-Club website – www.ccpphotographyclub.org

-S.G.A Club Room – s1 -12

Club related meetings

-(S.G.A) - Wednesday at 4pm in student life building S2 -3

-General Assembly meetings- January 28- Rm S2-3

-February 25 – coffee house

-March 25 – coffee house

-April 22 - S2-03

Interesting Websites

- www.Blurb.com - make your own book

- www.MPIX.com - similar to Blurb

Next Meeting, Mon 2/2, 4-6PM,

B1-11, Bring Photos to view!

Meeting Ended at 5:45PM

Minutes compiled by Beth Eddis

Edited by MJoniec for accuracy.

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