Monday, February 23, 2009


Meeting Minutes 2/16/09
Attending: Beau Johnson, Beverly Brooks, Mary Leszczynski, Ann Enders, Megan Schuster, Earl Weeks, Doug Rivera, Diego Chiri, M Joniec.
New Members: Yen Le, Tyrone Marquez, Conrad Ryan
Meeting Began at 4:15PM
Welcome to new members!!! Keep on Coming!
-Members talked about the merits of using "Archival" quality, gold CD's & DVD's. Encouraged to use china markers or soft graphite pencils for labeling vs. acid rich "Sharpie" type markers. MATSUI brand highly recommended by INKJET ART Newsletter.
-"People Having Fun" theme for Print Samples competition deadline for submissions 4/6/09
-V.P. Doug Rivera Presented a Vinyl banner to the club. He produced the banner compliments of Kinkos. Doug's stunning design will make club presentations at public events more professional looking.... it adds a touch of class.
-Earl Weeks & helpers bought more pizza & wings, compliments SGA. Thank You!
-MJ described the car ride to Rochester, NY a beautiful photo opportunity for landscape photographers.
-MJ Showed his nature photos as submissions for Print Exhibition. Members approved images for display in April
-Tuesday, April 14 is the date members need to drop off framed photos for print exhibition. Opening night Sat 4/18, 5-8PM
-Members urged to submit location ideas for "Photo Safari", 2nd week of March during Spring Break.
-Ann Enders showed B&W scans from 35mm B&W film, produced by Philadelphia Photographics Lab, Phila. Nice imagery, Nice lab work!
-Mon, Feb 23rd, 2:45PM, outside at 1021 Arch St. members assemble for 3PM tour of Philadelphia Photographics professional image processing facility. Guided tour by Lab Owner, Jim Hood.
-March 6th, First Friday Gallery Walk, Old City Phila. Members meet at 5PM corner 2nd & Market Sts.
-PHOTO SAFARI..... 2Nd week of March during Spring Break...... Photo Safari location TBA. Members stroll and photograph and exchange ideas.

Meeting ended at 5:45PM
Minutes compiled by Ann Enders, edited for accuracy by MJoniec

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