Monday, March 16, 2009

Follow the link below for some fine images by Antonio.......
Good Turn out on a Good Day!
Participating members: Walt Johnson, Antonio McCall, Marvin Lopez, Francky Andujar, Len Parry, Shawn Wilson, Alex DiFiori, Sam (the rookie) Shooting Film!, Michael Joniec, Dawn Joniec.
Canon & Nikon digital cameras were used. T-Max400 film was used by one person. Members ooohed & aaahed over such a unique image recording device (film camera Nikon6006!). Some were allowed to touch it!!!
Eyewitness News was set up to broadcast Cathy Orr weather report live from First Friday on 6 O'Clock News, CBS3.
The Camera Operator, while waiting, told us stories about his father being a press photographer using 4X5" portable cameras and flashbulbs from 1939-1969. He talked about the evolution of camera sizes starting with Speed Graphic 4x5" cameras, moving to Yashica Twin Lens reflex cameras, then concluding with 35mm SLR style cameras. He spoke of HDTV and the necessity of contemporary reporters to be able to capture & process HD video.

Hot off the presses!
Early images from PhotoSafari, Old City, Fri 3/6.
Plenty more coming to you as they are processed & received........ Ahhh MEN!

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