Monday, March 8, 2010

To The Private Citizens on Spring Break,
Looks like we're on for 1PM Meeting at the lobby of the Inquirer Bldg., Broad & Callowhill Sts. A Guided Tour of the Photo Exhibit.
No need to punch me back... just show up!

"Next events... 3/10/10@10AM.... Laurel Hill Cemetary, then lunch, then 1 PM, INQUIRER Bldg for guided tour, photo exhibit, 'Everyday Life for African Americans' !"

"Hey Michael, I want to join this group. See you at the paper Wed. around 1pm. Michael Mercanti, Photo Editor"

Michael Mercanti,
I was hoping you were reading these "psychedelic" e mails.
We've already talk it up...... See you in the Lobby at Inky at 1 on Wed.
Weather is not a factor.


This just in from AARON BROWN.... out & about with us on First Friday, 3/5/10.
Notice in the photos where citizen Joniec is chummin' with the locals in da hood...... giving money to shapely Chinese girls {On a mission to go to Africa & teach people stuff}, Rollin', All Pumped Up on coffee.... (OC Coffee needs images for their new website!)..... with that "Stealth" bike that can't be seen on radar.........
You shoulda been there!

AND....... Here's some Beautiful images from the wonderous sites in old city...... we were standing next to a Bronze Plaque which read, "On this site in 1897 Nothing Happened".............
All Images © Copyright Aaron Brown, 2010.

Thanks, Aaron.... nice work!!!
(Ain't no runnin' for public office now!)

Just show up on Wednesday at any or all of the activities. No need for prior conversations, or punch backs.
There's talk of going to Doylestown, Pa on Thursday to see a rare EDWARD WESTON, good- old -silver- &- platinum- prints show.
I going either way.

See you.... soon!

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec



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