Thursday, July 8, 2010

7.2.10 Photo Safari Report

CCP Photo Club Does Snail's Pace Photo Safari & Closed Gallery Inspections!
You shoulda' been there! Nice Lighting!
And People? ........ Hoards!
It was like the "Boardwalk" for art, vendors, fashion, networking, menu settings!
Here's some photos submitted by Jen Rigler & Ann Enders & MJ......
Quick, unprocessed, documentary "Snaps" of 7.2.10 PM.
Pure Transparency!!!
Ya know, Transparency, balanced with respect for personal privacy, enhances organizational health!
(Sorry..... just warming up to go back to formal teaching on 7/12-8/26 PM's at school! Phew!)
8x10, man, rocks..... pure!
August First Friday....... 8" x 10" Film, Fill, Fussing, Fun! ONLY! Color or B&W (toned)?
Members discussed additional summer fun activities.... day trips?
Island Beach State Park, NJ, sand dunes & ocean..... Longwood Gardens, Penn's Landing Waterfront, Camden Waterfront, Delaware Bay,
Got a good one? .. send it in & we'll vote & schedule!

Check out this link to a nice magazine article about former/founding Photo Club President-Visionary, Cristina Valivieso........
Nice! ...... video/films happening now! Good Luck... Society Hill Studios!!! & "Makin' Us Proud", to You & Jon & Amee! Send us a Movie!

....... AND........
Check out some pretty wild & interesting Long night exposure with light painting......
submitted by soon to graduate club member, Antonio McCall
Holy Toledo... how did you do all of those shapes & colors! NICE!

© COPYRIGHT 2010 by: Jen Rigler

© Copyright 2010 by: Ann Enders
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