Wednesday, September 29, 2010

9/13 Meeting Minutes

The CCP Photography Club
Meeting 9/13/10
Attending 16 persons: Bill McDowell,Jeannette Walz,Ann Enders,Jennifer Rigler,Lea Myers,Len Parry,Earl Weeks,Doug Rivera,William DiBruno,Brittany Hair,Fred Rosso,Henry K,Ashley Fullard,Peter ____,John Ervin,MJoniec.

Meeting began at 4PM in Rm B1-11 at school.

-President Earl Weeks welcomed all attendees and spoke of the various college policies, regulations, procedures and clubs & organizations cubicle space in S1-12.
-Photo Plus Expo in NYC Oct 28-30. Club Planning to attend on Sat Oct 30. Jeannette checking YELLOW BIRD, Fred Checking NJ Transit, John checking PATCO, Earl checking into obtaining reimbursement from CCP.
-----Earl reports that:
-School clubs are interested in hiring photographers. We need to make a form for clubs to fill out.
-We have a background support and lights.... we need a background
-People want to do glamour portraits
-Sports Departments want stills and videos
-check to look for jobs in film or photography. Staff, Crew, or Talent.
Fund Raising Activities:
-Photography baskets to be raffled off on Oct 18.
-three baskets will be made
-build the baskets on Oct 4.
Other Ideas for possible Club Activities this year:
-Student Involvement Day is Sept 29. Set Up Table in coutyard representing PhotoClub. Take Picture.
-Away trip to MOMA in NYC
-Tour of Phila Photographics photolab in Phila
-Visiting Photographers to show portfolios
-Lighting Demo/Halloween theme
-Ancient Processes in photography
-Field trip to other college photo departments
-Trip to Longwood Gardens
-Create a photography directory
-Create a Club yearbook

Meeting ended at 5:50PM

Minutes compiled by Peter ______.
Edited for accuracy by MJoniec

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