Saturday, April 25, 2009

CCP PhotoClub meeting & Lighting Demo, 4/20/09

Attending: Earl Weeks, Doug Rivera, Walt Johnson, Samuel Montgomery, Mary Leszyczynki, Courtney Thall, Megan Schuster, Ann Enders, Visiting Guest Hinda Schuman, M Joniec.
Meeting began at 4PM in Studio B1-20.

-Last meeting of the semester will be next Mon 4/27.
-Guest Speaker, Reginald Wickham, will present his portfolio & memories of an ongoing and long career in photography (35yrs).
-Catering will be provided... Hoagies, this time!
-Members discussed ongoing activities in the summer season. Members to vote on meeting frequency and field trip destinations.
-Walt suggests sharing names on the e mail list so members can communicate directly. Members to vote next meeting.
-visitor, Hinda Schuman was welcomed and encouraged to participate in club activities whenever possible.

Lighting Demonstration:
Club Faculty Advisor, Michael Joniec, presented a demonstration of artificial light sources for indoor picture taking.
Electronic Flash, Compact Fluorescent, Tungsten, Laser & LED lighting were demonstrated and discussed.
Hinda Schuman & Ngoc Tran captured images as we went along.
The immediate beauty and impact of colored LED lights and careful positioning was realized by all attendees.
MJ posed for the large, flash lighting and experimental double exposure was demonstrated.
A hard boiled egg on watercolor paper was the subject on a tabletop set.
Members seemed to enjoy the show!
Here's an example of photos captured:
© Copyright 2009 by Ngoc Tran & Hinda Schuman. Permissions required for repro use.

Meeting ended at 6PM
Minutes compiled by MJoniec

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec

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