Saturday, April 18, 2009

PhotoClub meeting on Monday 4/20, 4-6PM.

Bring your image capturing device (CAMERA) & tripod to the PhotoClub meeting on Monday 4/20, 4-6PM.
We will meet in the photo studio (B1-20).
Artificial/Studio lighting demonstrations and experiments.
Light beam modifications for effects will be explored.
We'll examine Tungsten, Electronic Flash, Compact Fluorescent, and LED lights.
Table top set for demonstrations. Photos will be close ups.
Bring an object to be photographed (I'll bring a hard boiled egg).
Bring a surface to work on (I'll bring rough water color paper).
Wallpaper, formica, old wood, metal, leather/vinyl/course fabrics.... all make interesting surfaces as backgrounds.
Bring a flashlight.... LED or tungsten.
Bring a friend!
Hope to see you there!

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