Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The CCP Photography Club
Meeting (Final Sp'09) Minutes 4/27/09

Attending: Liz(Secretary) Eddis, Walt Johnson, Earl(President) Weeks, Anne Enders, Len(Treasurer,Webmaster) Parry, Courtney Thall, Beverly(our Miss) Brooks, Megan Schuster, Doug(VP, LPA)Rivera, Antonio(Poster Man) McCall, Nate Stone, Ingrid Gendall-Conrad, Marilyn Lavins, Michael(Faculty Advisor) Joniec, and special guest appearances by Tony Wychunis, Art Danek, Allan Kobernick. ( That's 17 people! )

Meeting began at 4:00PM
-Meeting catered with hoagies, sodas, compliment SGA/Clubs & Organizations... Thank You!
-Photo Stories were told by walk-ins in exchange for food......Amber, Oscar, Art, Marilyn, Kobernick....... good stories!
-Art told us about local photographer, Al Horner, working at pre sunrise hours, only, in Jersey Pine Barrens.
-Gallery Prints to be picked up from Dada Gallery beginning Thursday, 4/30.
-Ngoc Tran sold a print at the group show & sale!!!!! Congratulations!!!!
-MJ spoke about photography at dusk of interesting astronomy scenes.... check out www.spaceweather.com
-No selections were made from student submissions to the Brother Print Samples contest.... better luck (and skills) next time!
-EMBROIDERED PATCHES........CCP Photography Club embroidered patches, design by V.P. Doug Rivera, have been ordered.
--When they arrive we'll distribute to regularly attending members, guest speakers, & remainder to be used as fund raisers @ $5.00 ea.
-Open Call for Entries..... Camera Obscura Gallery, Denver, Colorado..... info www.cameraobscuragallery.com
--students are advised to enter as many "Open Calls for Entry" contests as possible, always!
-Walt suggests making e mail addresses available to the whole group...... 57 names on a group list..... so members can communicate directly with one another.
-Summer Schedule....... PhotoSafaris, Meetings, First Fridays..... interest was there, no vote taken on any topics.
-A group photo is desperately required.... are there any or could we meet one more time?
-Stay Tuned to club activities via www.ccpphotoclub.blogspot.com
Meeting Ended at 6PM

Special Thanks & Commendations:
-To all interested members..... thanks for your continuing support, & great feedback on photo topics!!!!!!!
-To guest speakers & tour hosts..... your hospitality & generosity are very much appreciated.... we learned much...... see you soon!
-To Earl Weeks...... for unwavering hands on involvement as liason between us & student/school government.
-To Doug Rivera.... for excellent design & production of Signage & PR materials
-To Liz Eddis..... for recording events in longhand with timely advisor interface.... fabulous!
-To Len Parry.... for webmaster timely postings and great internet suggestions.
-To Walt Johnson... for experience based advice on legal issues, institute navigation & experience, & e mail record keeping/publishing.
-To Courtney Thall... for ALWAYS being here, and phenomenal growth & development within photography... without any formal photo classroom instructions..... way to pay attention!
-To Anne Enders...... for constantly caring, showing unique photo memorabilia, supporting ALL members.... and great photos, too!
-To CCP Dept Photographic Imaging Faculty & Administrators..... for ongoing use of facilities, equipment, and encouragement....... Thanks!!!!
---We're just getting started.... imagine next year!
-To M Joniec....... for relaying info in a timely fashion..... and advice...... READ!!!!
-To Dawn Joniec... for patiently waiting, supporting, & proof reading during countless hours MJ's message writing...... you 'da bomb'!!!
-To CCP Clubs & Organizations, & Student Government Association...... for giving us the "Long Leash" to be creative & productive... A debt of gratitude, & thanks for the eats!

© COPYRIGHT 2009 by: Doug Rivera, Reproduction Prohibited w/o written permission.

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec

Faculty Advisor

The CCP Photography Club

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