Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Safari Update

We now have 6..... it'll be a go.
We'll finalize Thurs 7PM.
I found a disposable/one time use Kodak B&W, 27 exp., camera at CVS, on 75% off discount table... for $3.25 (normally 13.99)....
Hi Res, blurry old film......... processing & 4x6" prints to be 8.65 of all come out (Slim chance being shot out of Earl's cannon!).
Grap a toy and join the party..... looking forward to HDTV from Cristina's Canon 5D!
Now doubt Marvin will be there seeing like a Bumble Bee in infra red, Ultraviolet, or (Heaven help us all) White Light!!!!!!
4X5, anyone?
(I'm guessing at 12 people!)
Tomorrow will tell.


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