Saturday, July 11, 2009

Pics of Photo Safari on July Third, Two Thousand and Nine

CCP Photography Club
Photo Safari & Gallery Stroll, 7/3/09
Members Gathered at 5th & Mkt Sts, Phila on a beautiful July 3, 2009.
Attending: Harry Bayton, Andrew Golas, Ngoc Tran, Marvin Lopez, Len Parry & Dawn, Michael Joniec & Dawn J, Doug Rivera.
Sighted: Bev Brooks & Son, Earl Weeks (in uniform), AJ Brister.
There in Spirit: Sally Joniec, Ann Enders, Paul Grugin, Cristina Valdivieso, Walt Johnson, Geri Wieser, Shawn Wilson, Maybe you, too?
Contributing Photos: Harry Bayton, Ngoc Tran, Andrew Golas, Marvin Lopez, MJJoniec, Dawn Joniec. Where's Len's?
We walked around the Mall & sighted president Earl Weeks in Civil War uniform. Members asked passers-by to capture group photos.
Later, at 5 PM, we regrouped at 2nd & Mkt Sts. Members strolled old city and viewed artwork, talked with people, photographed quirky sightings.
Marvin set up some photos on the sidewalk and sold a few!
Trippin' the Light Fantastic!
The many photos attached are quick, low res versions, in no particular order, of the many, many captured images from the day.
We were walking around like Time Lords, stopping time, recording events and adding our own interpretations!
Please come to the general meeting on Tuesday 7/28, at school, for a complete showing of the High Res images and explanations!
We ought to have a contest with prizes for best of show, etc.
Got anything to donate for incentives?
Join us, if you can, on the next SAFARI.......... Happy Hunting!
P.S. There is a GREAT photo show at the Phila Museum of Art.
Look it up...... We OUGHT to go!

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