CCP Photography Club
Meeting 11/17/09
Attending: James A. Neal, Courtney Thall, Len Parry, Fred Rosso, Ngoc Tran, Tyrone Marquez, Pam Bivens, Sultan Howard, Walt Johnson, Doug Rivera, V.P., Janet Cuff, Anne Enders, Lois Nelson, Denise Turner, Earl Weeks, Pres., Len's Dawn, Michael Joniec.... AND INTRODUCING New members: Lady Miah Kane, Hannibal Collins, & Natalia Nicastro. Total=20.
Meeting began at 4:00 PM
-Camera Club members brought various dishes of international foods to share with one another at tonight's meeting. Polish, German, Vietnamese, American, Mexican (at least the chili that Dawn and Len brought was delishously Mexicali HOT), Jamaican, Italian.... and deserts like Zucchini Bread, Corn Bread, Cheescake, and a Bundt Cake!
-It was good to see members who have not been able to attend for awhile at tonight's meeting. Three newcomers "paid the price of admission" by telling us an entertaining
Photography Based Story in exchange for food.... Lady's scary, meat based N.Y. adventure, Hannibal's Rap, & Natalia's "Rock in a Raft" white water, rookie initiation!
-Earl reported that the children's Halloween Party was great. He thanked CCP members who donated candy.
-Reminder: Next meeting, Tuesday November 24 - 4p to 6p.. all members bring camera-related items for the photography basket we are raffling off. We're putting the basket together at this meeting. Raffle dates- Dec. 1 & 2 and Dec. 8 & 9.
Some suggestions: Current photo magazines, rolls of film and/or compact flash and SD cards, lens cleaner, frames, disposable camera, mats for photos, CD holder, CD's and DVD's, photo printer paper, photo albums, etc..
-Mr. Sultan Howard exhibited dozens of great photos from his recent trip to Montreal. He's using built in camera software to highlight certain, selected colors! COOL!
-Walter Johnson announced a reception for world-renowned photographer, Steve McCurry, on Saturday November 21, 4-6pm, Connelly Center Cinema, Villanova University. Information 610-519-4612. Also see McCurry on the web-
-In answer to a question posed at tonight's meeting, it was suggested to check the main branch library for books on teaching children about photography. Any other ideas out there? Please let us know. MJ suggested Ansel Adams' Book 1 but members quickly & vigorously disagreed!!!
-A group photo was taken around our international foods table.

Meeting ended at 5:45 PM....... Members ALL pitched in to clean the room & make ready for 6 PM Class!

Thank you to all for a marvelous, spirited meeting & Fiesta!!!!
Respectfully submitted, Anne Enders
Edited for accuracy by: Michael Joniec, Faculty Advisor

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