Monday, November 16, 2009

November 10th Meeting Minutes

CCP Photography Club... Nov. 10, 2009
Meeting Minutes
Attending: Walt Johnson, Doug Rivera, Earl Weeks, Anthony Allen, Jennifer Rigler, Courtney Thall, Fred Rosso, Pam Bivens, Elizabeth Eddis, Ann Enders, Sultan Howard, Michael Joniec,...... And NEW MEMBER: Shanae Michelle Rudd. Total=13.
Meeting began at 4 PM in B1-11.

-Club members reviewed CCP Photo 201 student produced, lighting exercises, course requirement photo books by students, Ngoc Tran, Liz Eddis, and others.

-Photorama - Holiday Inn, Ft. Washington, Nov. 15

-Need to find a place to hold our spring gallery show - Discussed being better prepared than last year -
invitations - flyers, etc..

-Reviewed fund raising ideas
-photo shoot...need to purchase backdrop, find location for shoot and set a date for shoot

******-Photo basket - raffle tickets @$1.00 per - Len Parry motioned to support the basket raffle idea, Ann E. seconded, vote in favor was unanimous. Earl will provide raffle tickets.
-Basket due Nov. 24th - all members bring photography-related items to fill basket. Earl will supply basket, Doug will supply cellophane.
-Discussed making a flyer with picture of photo basket for ticket buyers to see
$$$$$$$-Raffle date - Dec. 8 for drawing winner of basket $$$$$$$$$

-Viewed Ann Enders photos -Joniec receiving awards at American Legion, Post 152 on Nov. 6
-Viewed Jennifer Rigler's photos of her family's Halloween party

-Nov. 17 meeting - International food to be brought to meeting by members
-Picture in A Bag - not exchanged - not enough bags!

-Earl has 400 pictures of models from fashion show - cannot recall if this is pertinent info to the photo basket or not. Worth a mention, just in case.

Meeting ended at 5:45 PM

Respectfully submitted by: Ann Enders
Edited for accuracy by: Michael Joniec, Faculty Advisor (I'd Advise you to bring food, basket items, gallery space suggestions, equipment suggestions for fund raising, photos to view!)


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