Saturday, October 9, 2010

10/4 Meeting Minutes

Meeting 10/4/10

Attending: (12) Bill DiBruno, (Welcome New Member: Makala Fofana, Jen Rigler, Antonio McCall, Jeannette Walz, Bill McDowell, Earl Weeks, Peter Frey, Andrey Kolyada, Len Parry, Walt Johnson, Michael Joniec.

Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm B1-11

-President Earl Weeks welcomed new member, Makala Fofana.
-Earl reported the club's reactivation papers have been turned in to Clubs & Organizations' commanders. We are awaiting our faculty advisor, Michael Joniec, to attend institute provided, non-reimbursed advisor training session.....
-MJ commented that this session is his 4th year in a row, hour & a half session with JTWeaver, Last chance opportunity Fri, 10/22, 11-12:30PM in S2-21. Non attendance will cancel PhotoClub sanction & privileges by CCP.
-Earl reports that our club did great at student involvement day, 9/29. Walt Johnson, Len Parry, and Earl Weeks worked the table located in the coutyard near S Bldg. Ashley Fullard & Earl Weeks took documentary photos for the new student involvement center. Many, Many Thanks to all who helped & participated!
-We will be putting in a report to hold a Christmas Basket Raffle occurring from Mon. Dec 6-Fri. Dec 10 as a club fundraiser.
-Pep Rally, Nov 18. PhotoClub is requested to cover events from 1PM-10PM.
-Earl Brought copies of Phila Film Festival info books. He also showed a book about pinhole photography.
-Club members showed photos: Antonio McCall, Andrey Kolyada, Michael Joniec...... attendees seemed to enjoy viewing the images that were presented. Andrey & Peter explained why lights captured by a moving camera appeared as dotted lines... because of the amount that the particular light source flickers in normal use........ above 85 cps becomes imperceptible to the human eye.
-Creative Community College, (CCCP!) Halloween Happening: 3:30PM-6:00PM, Friday Oct 29, Great Hall...... Earl will attend a meeting on 10/5 for more info.. stay tuned... we are hoping this will be a big, showcase event for Photo Club..... faculty advisor & several members expressed desire to participate.... stay tuned for more info as we approach Halloween!

-Tues, 10/12,6:30-9:30PM, S1-19, National Coming Out Day
-Wed, 10/27, 12-1PM, Noodles @ Noon
-Mon, 11/1, 11-12, Native American Month, Noodles @ Noon
-Wed, 11/10, 5-7PM, Veteran's Day Kickoff Event
-Thurs, 11/11, Veteran's Day, All Day Events

Club Meeting Schedule
-No Meeting 10/11, school closed to students
-10/18, 10/25, 11/1 all at 4 PM in B1-11.

Meeting ended at 5:45 PM

Minutes compiled by Earl Weeks
Edited for accuracy by MJoniec

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