Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meeting Minutes 10/18/2010

****Meeting Minutes 10/18/10

Attending: (13) Len Parry, Earl Weeks, (NEW!) Deshar Myers, Jen Rigler, Tom March, Fred Rosso, Walt Johnson, John Ervin, Bill McDowell, Bill DiBruno, Ashley Fullard, (New!) Alicia Dorsey, MJJoniec.

Meeting began at 4PM in B1-11

-Faculty Advisor, Michael Joniec, Showed "Farm/Nature" photos from upstate NY. Then, showed & discussed "4x5", Speed Graphic, Camera.
-President, Earl Weeks, welcomed new members, DeShar Myers & Alicia Dorsey. WELCOME! Hope to see you often!
-Earl reports: Student Life Advisors not available, today, to issue our equipment since they were at a conference. Members Grumbled.
-Earl reports: Club now owns two PHOTOSHOP instructional movies.... "Photoshop" & "Portraiture"... both long running, suggests we view next semester..... in sections.
-Halloween Party, Fri, 10/29, 3-6PM, Great Hall, Photo Club to participate by taking People Portraits using our new equipment.... Volunteers (several) willing to participate.
-PhotoPlus Expo, NY, Javits Center, 10/28-30....... hope to see you there! Take some overview photos to report... get lots of literature!
-CCP Pep Rally, 11/18, 1-10PM, Photo Club participation wanted
-Ideas about Photo Club Fundraiser..... Christmas Baskets Raffle. Please start bringing items to donate for baskets...... items may be Christmas related photo items .... Or not. No Alcohol
-Members viewed Photos (portraits) by Ashley Fullard & Len Parry, Candids by Walt Johnson. Nice Work..... Keep 'em comin'!

Digital + Traditional
Hemlock, NY, 10/10/10 by: MJJoniec
© Copyright 2010, Reproduction Prohibited

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