Sunday, November 28, 2010

11.15.10 Minutes

Meeting Minutes 11.15.10
Attending: (10) DiBruno, Parry, Dorsey, McDowell, Weeks, Fullard (as in invisible spirit), Johnson, Rosso, Adelman, MJ
Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm B1-11

Next Monday, 11/22 at 4PM, is our club sponsored INTERNATIONAL FOODS NIGHT!
Bring a food item with an ethnic background. Homemade or purchased.

-Diversity training discussed. We decided to speak at meeting in Feb '11. Walt volunteered to speak about portraiture, Alicia elected to speak about painting with light.
-Volunteer info wanted. So we can volunteer somewhere as a group. We would like to do community service somewhere.
-Bring food &/or drink for international foods night, Mon 11/22@4PM
-Basket Raffle.......Please bring in gifts for Christmas Basket Raffle............ Photo Items, Christmas items, Cards & more needed. We'll fill 3 mini christmas sled baskets.... 1-Large, 1-Medium, 1-Small. Tickets will be $1/1, $5/7, $10/arm's length.
-Sunday Dec 5th will be Photo Safari day. We are looking for suggestions for somewhere to go.
-Please bring suggestions to make club better in the spring semester. We have $1000.00 in our treasury. We can order some equipment, food, etc. Help make the next club meeting exciting!

Meeting ended at 5:40

Minutes by Earl
Edited by MJ

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