Friday, November 12, 2010

11.5.2010 PhotoSafari

CCP Photo Club... and Friends:
We were there..... Old City Phila, Friday, 11/5/10 @ 3PM 'til 7......
Attending:(9) Walt Johnson, Anne Enders & Dan, Alicia Dorsey, Antonio McCall, Fred Rosso, Andrew Golas, Art Danek, MJoniec.
The sun finally came out at 4:15... the shutters started clicking..... images captured.. Image processing under way, for sure!
Nice Light!
Antonio donated his tripod to Alicia for "Time" exposures..... MJ & Alicia were shooting 100&400 T-Max FILMS......
All else digital... with auxiliary spotlight & colored LED lights.......
You shoulda' been there!
Walt told us stories about reading poetry, along with only a few other, "on the air" on Temple's new, basement, underground radio station.... WRTI, 90.1 FM..... in, get this..... 1956! Yikes!
Later, we strolled over to Silicon Gallery on third St... Phila's Premier Inkjet (Giclee) Printmakers..... saw a beautiful display of first class quality, varied styles of large prints on display...... co owner, Michal Smith, gave use some advice on producing 8"x10", B&W, negative prints on clear acetate for use in contact printing in the darkroom at school.
Last (until spring!) First Friday Photo Safari because of fading light in dropping temperatures....... our legs we very cold.... time to go to the greenhouses, from now 'til spring!

Here's a snapshot of some of the images captured by member, ANTONIO McCALL........ Thank You!
View the complete set at better resolution at:

(C) Antonio McCall

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