Saturday, January 8, 2011

Pictures PhotoSafari 12/31/10 - Laurel Hill

CCP Photography Club & Friends:
In case you were wondering about the 12/31 Photo Safari......
Here's pictures from Nate Stone, Bill McDowell, Antonio McCall (Link Below) & Lina Joniec.
Wish you were there... it was interesting & fun.... & we learned a lot, too!
Earl weeks was there, as expected, & looking the part.
Fred Rosso was often mistaken for a general!
Antonio's Bright White Jacket made an effective fill light!
Bill McDowell's Mono Pod kept him from slipping in the snow (Steady, Lad!).
Lina Joniec was making the enlisted guys anxious.
MJ shot 100T-Max... film!
We'll view many more of the photos at our first club meeting in Spring Semester, 2011, after MLK Day!.

Above 4 photos ©Copyright 2011 by Nate Stone

Above 5 Photos ©Copyright 2011 by William McDowell

Gen Meade's direct descendent.

Meade's descendent with Meade reenactor.

Above 6 photos ©Copyright Lina Joniec 2011

Here's the link for Antonio's Photos....NICE!

Here's the write up response from the General Meade Society...........

Re: General George Meade's Birthday Service and Champagne Toast at Laurel Hill Cemetery

It was a great event that generated a record turn-out of participants and perhaps the best weather we have had in quite awhile. The music, the colors, the pageantry and of course, the food were all spectacular!

Dr. Andy Waskie, directed an organized & dignified procession despite the swelling numbers of attendees. It was a fitting tribute to General Meade, his gallant soldiers and this year - his dear mother.

Job well done by everyone involved - THANK YOU!

Photos from yesterday's service are available for viewing on the GMS Flickr account -

***Anyone willing to share their photos from the Birthday service can email them to : - and we will gladly post them onto our Flickr account.

Ed Zongolowicz

The General Meade Society's mission is to promote and preserve the memory of Union Major General George Gordon Meade, commander of the Army of the Potomac and architect of the Union victory at Gettysburg. The society currently boasts hundreds of members throughout the country, all of whom share a common interest in General Meade's multifaceted life and career. Activities include: administering the Meade school scholarship, tours of Meade-related sites in Philadelphia, living history presentations, historical symposiums, supporting battlefield preservation, conducting graveside services honoring war heroes and the adoption of the Meade Monument and HQ site in Gettysburg, PA.
Learn more about our organization by visiting: "

You may want to send your photos to the address above.
Hope to see you at the next CCP Photo Club Activity!!!!

Happy New Year!

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