Thursday, September 29, 2011

CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 9/12/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Walter Johnson, Jeannette Walz, Alfred Walker, Shawn Melvin, Ben Tran, Bill McDowell, Fred Rosso, Paul Grugan, Vinca Ancona, Adrienne Diehl, Andrey Kolyada, Michael Joniec and Jennifer Midberry

- Former faculty advisor Michael Joniec introduced new advisor Jennifer Midberry and welcomed returning and new members. Everyone introduced themselves and talked about their specific photographic interests.

- The meeting then consisted of discussing numerous housekeeping issues and brainstorming ideas for how to use the club meetings and resources for the upcoming year. A list of the issues raised follows:

- An election needs to me held for new officers for this year. It was decided that nominations and voting will take place during the next meeting. Positions of President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer must be filled. Additionally, the club needs to vote to approve Jennifer Midberry as faculty advisor.

- Members talked about how they wanted to use the club's Blogspot web page going forward. Do we want to continue to use it as a place to post in-house business or transform it into something more promotional to generate interest in the club? No final decision was made.

- There was also talk about starting and using a Facebook page for the club to have an online forum and a place to further discuss in-house club business.

- The issue was raised of whether to put forth effort to publicize the club beyond the photo department to reach out to potential members around campus. Suggestions included placing posters in new locations around campus, updating and promoting our Blogspot presence and reaching out to other student clubs.

- A discussion about how to maintain the e-mail list took place, with members debating whether to trim down the list or to offer those on the list the option to opt out. It was decided that there would be language added to future messages sent on the list informing people how to be removed from the list.

- The question of what equipment the club currently has was raised, and it was decided that members should take inventory. Additionally, we briefly discussed the fact that we have a new budget and should think about how to use it. Also, the club decided last year to start a scholarship fund, but the club needs to follow up with that this year and decide how to administer it. It was decided that former president Earl Weeks should be consulted about where the club stands in regard to both of these issues.

- There was a great deal of discussion about what activities members would like to have the club pursue this year. Suggestions included: Annual gallery show, photograph other clubs' events, photo safaris, guest speakers, weekly photo contest, critiques of ongoing work, coordinating with the school newspaper, reach out to other college photo clubs, visit photographers/go to galleries. We decided to work towards setting an agenda during the next meeting.

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