Thursday, September 29, 2011

CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 9/19/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Walter Johnson, Jeannette Walz, Alfred Walker, Ben Tran, Bill McDowell, Fred Rosso, Vincent Ancona, Andrey Kolyada, Tyrone Marquez, Charlene Brown, Ngoe Tran, Eleonora Antsis, Michael Joniec and Jennifer Midberry

- First order of business was determining new officers, voted on by a show of hands. The new officers are:
President: Fred Rosso
Vice President: Jeanette Waltz
Secretary: Charlene Brown (alternate: Andrey Kolyada)
Treasurer: Ben Tran
- Second matter of business was suggestions for participating in the CCP Creative Arts Halloween party. Ideas were to take photos of attendees as they mingle at the party or to set up an area for students to come and get their photos taken. There were also suggestions about showing the iages on a display during the event or posting them on the photo blog to draw attention to the blog.
- Next, many of the members gave suggestions about speakers to either attend the club meeting or the club can go to them. Members were most interested in hearing from a fashion photographer, fine art photographer, art director, photojournalist, wedding photographer, sports photographer, advertising photographer

- Later other suggestions for club activities were presented:
- All members should get familiar with the clubs' equipment, to know how to use it and where it is stored.
- First Friday trips in Old City.
- Perhaps having weekly contest for best photo.
- Action items for the club:
- Determine what to do and what has been done with past funds (get proposal forms from room 112).
- Have a representative attend the general assembly meeting.

Minutes taken by Charlene Brown and edited by Jennifer Midberry

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