Saturday, October 8, 2011

CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 10/3/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Jeanette Walz, Fred Rosso, Charlene Brown, Andrey Kolyada, Bill Mcdowell, Shawn Melvin, Ben Tran, Ngoc Tran, Alfred Walker, Sharon Highsmith, Jennifer Midberry

- Members met at 3:30pm and took photos around campus together until 4:30pm.

- At the meeting following that, Andrey and Ben told the group about the Halloween Party planning meeting. The planning committee needs to know as soon as possible what we will be doing at the party. The group needs to decide whether to float around and randomly take shots and put them on a display screen or to set up an area/booth where guests can be photographed.

- Next week, we will bring the club's equipment and we will go over what it is all used for and where it is stored.

- Members will be meeting for First Friday. We will meet on 2nd Street next to the dog park at 3pm on Friday, October 7. We will walk around from 3-5pm then if we want we can tour the galleries afterward.

- On Monday we will also be doing our brown bag event, where we place a item in a brown bag, we exchange items and then we photograph our new item and bring the pics in the next week. And to all who went out on the photo walk they can also bring in pictures to share with the club.

- As we closed out a few of the members shared some of there weekly pictures and since so many missed the photo walk, we will set up another one.

- There was a recap on who was attending the general meeting it was decided that Fred and Charlene would attend. It was also mentioned that we should reach out to some of the other clubs and connect with them to see how we can help each other.

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