Saturday, October 8, 2011

CCP Photo Club Minutes
Meeting 9/26/11
4-6pm in Room B1-11

Attending: Alfred Walker, Ben Tran, Bill McDowell, Fred Rosso, Andrey Kolyada, Charlene Brown, Toron Ferguson, Chauntel Gordon, Sharon Highsmith, Anthony Merriett, Michael Joniec and Jennifer Midberry

- Andrey Kolyada showed some photos he took over the weekend at the Zombie Prom event at the Trocadero Theater.

- Ben Tran also showed us some of his work from his current and past classes.

- Fred Rosso updated the group on some important events that a few of us will need to be present at:
1) The Halloween planning meeting on Thursday, September 29 at 4pm in the Wynette building. Ben and Andrey volunteered to attend.
2) The general assembly meeting which also will be in the Wynette building on Tuesday, October 4 at 3:30pm. Fred and Charlene will attend this meeting.

- We have a few fun projects we will be participating in as a group such as "the brown bag" where everyone brings in a small item in a bag, we exchange them and then photograph the objects in the bags.

- On Monday, if the weather permits, we will meet at the class room at 3:30pm and go out around the campus to take some photos together.

- The trip to the Inquirer and Daily News has been reserved exclusively for the CCP Photojournalism. If Photo Club members are interested, they are encouraged to take that class next year.

- The Open Studios tour, where artists in the city open their studios to the public, are coming up. Members discussed arranging a group for either the Oct 1-2 or Oct 15-16 tours.

- Members will meet for First Friday to take photos and attend the gallery openings.

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