CCP Photography Club:
Hi there!
There's a meeting at 4 at school on monday.
How's about bringing photos to view and share with y'all?
Also, consider bringing interesting equipment to display & share with other members. It's fun!
Those attending really miss the bigger crowds we used to have.
See you Monday.... bring Photos, equipment, bring a friend!

Hope to see you there!

HERE's a copy of a message sent by new member, Bill McDowell. Thanks, BILL!!!!!
It was fun to play with a radioactive russian lens!

"Hi Mike,
Here are the pics, as promised. Thanks for a great afternoon of lively discussion. I can't wait for next week!

I just did a little reading in to that lens. It seems the "HELIOS 44-2" was the most popular revision and is the most desirable, today. This is not the same as the 44M-2.
There are two on ebay for $25-$30, at the moment.
There is also a flickr group dedicated to it
Also, here is the Canon EOS - M42 plate
Soon to be the Club's Counsel.... we hope!!!

Club Advisor, MJJoniec & Club President (on President's day!), didn't chop the cherry tree, EARL WEEKS!!!

Bill McDowell "

There you go.
See you... soon!