Saturday, February 13, 2010

Meeting Feb 15

CCP Photo Club:
Meeting Monday, 2/15..... yes we have school.......
4-6PM, at School, B1-11.
Projector will be set up.
Bring Photos to View:
Processed, Unprocessed, Right- Out- Of- The- Camera, Thumb Drive, External Hard Drive, CD, DVD..........or........
Prints, Slides, Negatives, Transparencies, Instant Prints, Test Prints, B&W, Color, Mounted, Matted, Framed.......or.....
Traditional, Digital, Alternative Process, Still, Movie, Video, Kinescope, Lensless, Scanner, Bryce, Cad Cam.
Bring your Photos to view from Christmas, New Years, Eclipse, Snow Storms, Atmospherics, Winter, or any imagery from 12/19/09 thru 2/15/10.
Executive Board Members REQUIRED to submit recent imagery under penalty of _________.
You may want to bring in B&W Negatives if you would like to print in B&W Darkroom..... it'll be all set up & awaiting use........ photograms any one?
Bring Opaque, translucent, prismlike, 3D or 2D objects to place on or near printing paper. Bring alternate light source to use in exposing the paper...... LED is strong enough.... colored or white lights of every description ideal to have available. Printing paper will be available for your use at no charge.
Assuming school is open & there is no Mad Rush to get home to avoid the Snow ("The Sky is falling, The Sky is falling" ) AND.....If there are no images to view & discuss, If any one is pooh poohed for image quality or skill level, Then I'll Quit.

Be There..... we've important matters to discuss..... while we do something!

Truly I tell you.......If we get snowed/iced out... then we'll try again next Mon 2/22/10.

Very truly yours,

Michael J. Joniec, CCP'73'

President, MJJ,Inc. (Since 1983)



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