Saturday, February 4, 2012

CCP Photo Club & Friends:
10 people met & took photos, walked slowly, exchanged technical info, met friends along the way, viewed some gallery images...... had a great time experimenting with photo techniques.... and good conversation!
B&W film (6 rolls!) T-Max 400.... digital in Monochrome mode with a yellow filter... digital, rapid fire, auto bracketing for HDR...... even some homeless dude joined the caravan: took a clear bottle, put it in the middle of second street glistening in the late afternoon brilliant sunlight.... stopped traffic & took photos with some sort of pocket sized device.
Man, you should have seen the scene! And the fabulous, late afternoon, low winter sun!!!
A splendid time was had by all attendees.......
We hope you can join with us for the next photo event.
Here's some photos from 2.3.12 in old city.

Michael J. Joniec
Faculty Advisor
The CCP Photography Club
On Facebook: CCP Photo Club

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