Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CCP Photo Club:
Meeting Minutes 1/23/12
Attending: Fred Rosso President, Andre Kolyada VP, Bill McDowell, Walt Johnson, Tyrone Marquez, Michael Joniec Faculty Advisor
Meeting began at 4:15 PM in Rm. B1-11 @ school

-Fred presented MJoniec papers to become faculty advisor (again). MJ gladly signed & is pleased to be back!
-Fred presented a schedule of activities for the entire spring semester. Members approved the schedule. Posted to bulletin board near B1-13.
-Fred presented flyers he created for use in advertising the club meetings & other activities. He'll seek permission/approval from school.
-Bill suggested a field trip to Phila Museum of Art on Tues March 6 (during spring break) to view the Zoe Strauss photo exhibit. Members agreed. March 8 snow date.
-MJ showed images from previous club activities
-Andre viewed studio electronic flash equipment as a possible purchase with photo club funds. Members will vote next week.
-Andre viewed our facebook page.... CCP Photo Club... members wished people would start using it.
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-MJ will contact Phila Inquirer & Phila Photographics to arrange field trips.
-Members expressed grave concern about storing club equipment in S1-15 because of inaccessibility during evening events. Members will ask photo dept for a space to store equipment.
-Fred asks all members to consider donating items to our spring raffle basket (photo items). Members will create the basket during the 1/30 meeting. Bring items for donation to photography dept. Ask they be stored in B1-17A.
-MJ mentioned that a new photo 101 student (Amanda Baouchi) is willing to act as recording secretary for photo club meetings beginning 1/30.
-MJ introduced new photography dept chairman, Jon Spielberg. Jon appears friendly & interested toward our club and is eager to be of assistance to the club wherever it is possible.
-MJ is teaching 2-photo 101 classes this semester, Tues 8-10 & 12:30-2:30...Thurs 8-4:30 B&W Darkroom all day. Lots of time to talk between & after classes on Tuesdays... stop on by!

Meeting ended @ 5:30 PM

Minutes compiled by MJoniec

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