Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CCP Photo Faculty & Friends:
The CCP Photography Club is asking for donations for it's Spring 2012 Fund Raiser basket.
Raffle tickets will be sold @ $1.00 /ticket.
A drawing will be held to select a winner..... rumor has it that Zoe Strauss will do the drawing at 4 PM on Monday March 12 in B1-11!
Do you have anything to donate?
Books, memory cards, readers, tripods, lenses, cameras, prints, gift cards, cable releases, printing paper, binders, etc., etc.....
All items gladly accepted & appreciated by all.
Place items in B1-17A (the supply closet)....or equipment room B1-13 (215 751 8519)
Photo club will build a basket or two & raffle off a winner.
Proceeds to benefit the Photo Club & Scholarship Fund!

Please help us as you are able.

Your old stuff is other peoples' gold!

Donations needed by 2/6 PM @ school.

Thank You!

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