Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CCP Photography Club

Meeting minutes 9.29.09


Doug Rivera, Mary Leszczynski, Jennifer Rigler, Ashley Fullard, Bryn Campbell, Frank Andujar, Tom March, Earl Weeks, Walt Johnson, Paul Grugan, Kathyria Rivera, Beau Johnson, Ronda Taylor, Aaron Brown, MJJoniec,...... and new members Chris Norwood, Pam Bivens, Denise Turner, Steffany Ramos, and Jennifer Rigler. Total= 20

Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm B1-11 at Community College of Philadelphia

Welcome to the new members: Chris Norwood, Pam Bivens, Denise Turner, Steffany Ramos and Jennifer Rigler. We hope you'll attend often!

* We are sponsoring a bake sale on October 30th. We are asking everyone to participate by bringing in whatever you can. Volunteers are needed for set up, serving and clean up. A sign up sheet will be circulated at our next Photography meeting so everyone can select the appropriate timeframe in which they can assist with the bake sale.
* We are asking for everyone’s participation in the Halloween themed contest to “decorate a cubicle” that is being sponsored by Student Government Association. The Photography Club will be sharing a cubicle with 4 other clubs. All ideas are welcome. We will discuss this topic during our next meeting. Prizes will be distributed to winners.
* Members moved to the photo studio & experimented with LED lighting techniques. Jen volunteered a clothespin (which she just happened to have in her pocket!) as a subject for lighting experimentation. Photos are attached.
* Art Danek (Photo Dept Instructional Aid) Set Up an overhead camera for our use to document our event. Thanks, Art!!!!
* Images attached have little or no manipulations after capture.
* First Friday Gallery Stroll in Old City, Phila, canceled due to inclement weather conditions

To Do this week for meeting on 10/6

Photo Challenge:

Bring in 10 (maximum) of your favorite photos for a classroom discussion.

******CCP Photo Club embroidered patches as a club fundraiser are on sale for $5 ea...... Limited supply.... last week we generated $25.00 in sales.***

Meeting ended at 6 PM

Minutes compile by Ronda Taylor

Edited by MJJONIEC

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