Saturday, October 31, 2009

Begin NOW, this week, to photograph the first of 4 pictures of homes to be completed by fall semester 2010.
Choose homes that have attractive holiday displays in front yards.
Photo #1 Halloween (colorful fall leaves still on trees enhance spooky displays)
OR, omit Halloween decos & find yards full of fall colors that surround home
Photo #2 Christmas
Photo #3 Winter snow scene
Photo #4 Spring/summer when everything is in bloom
Many folks welcome photos of their home, especially in story form showing their home and front yard in four seasons of the year.
A simple mounting of four 4x6 or 5x7 prints is not a great cost to the photographer, but worth a lot more to the owner. Several N.J. photographers receive $100-$150 for one 8x10 or 11x14 photo, mounted or matted only (no frame). The four seasons idea is an added thought.
The question we must consider is...Do we need an Artist's Release Form signed by the homeowner before undertaking the project? Or do we play Miss/Mr. Ignoramus and just take photos?
Wear your ID's would be another suggestion...If questioned during photographing, you are a student on a homework assignment. No harm done.
If no problem is encountered during shooting, how surprised and pleased (we hope) our clients will be at the time we deliver the goods (hopefully for SALE).
Know the home (s) you choose and note the best time of day for optimum lighting. I.S.. lens easily foregoes the use of a tripod. No I.S. lens? Same old, same old...exhale, hold steady, squeeze the trigger and pray!

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