Friday, October 23, 2009

Despite what you may have heard....... there will be a meeting of the CCP Photo Club this Tues 10/27 at 4 PM in B1-11.
Bring the Halloween photos from Tues 10/20 to view..... oughta be really good! (there were 19 people participating!!!! Photos to follow.... send some to me!)
Here's a message from Pres. Earl.....
"Mike I think having a meeting on Tuesday is great. I need the following.

1 Halloween Candy to give to kids on Friday the 30th no nuts allowed or peanut butter.

2 Cool Halloween decorations.
Spiders, Spider webs, etc. We wanna win the cubicle contest.

3 Ideas for our club to plan activities for the rest of the semester.



See you at the show!


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