Saturday, October 17, 2009

Meeting minutes.. Oct 13th 2009

CCP Photography Club

Meeting minutes 10/13/09

Meeting began at 4 PM in B1-11

Attending:Doug Rivera,John Ervin,Mary Leszczynska, James Neal, Warren Stewart,Jen Rigler,AnthonyAllen,EarlWeeks, Beau Johnson,Lois Nelson,Denise Turner,Sultan Howard,Michael Joniec. Total=13

Welcome new members: Warren Stewart, Anthony Allen, Lois Nelson, Denise Turner. We hope you return and participate often!!!

-There will be a Halloween Party on 10/28 sponsored by the Student Government Association. The party will begin at 6pm in the Great Hall room S2-19

-At the next meeting (10/20) we are collecting a donation for the “Cubical Contest” that is being held on 10/30…time of the contest will be announce at a later date.
-Scholarships are available for students who have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. For more information, please contact Earl or SGA at 215-751-8209 or stop by the SGA office room S1-11
-CCP Photography fundraiser patches are still available for $5
-A total of $30 was deposited in the Photography Club’s account

-On November 17th, the Photography Club will hold an International Food Presentation. We are asking everyone to participate by bringing in a gourmet International dish either homemade or purchased.

-On 10/30 we are distributing candy to the children at the CCP Child Care Center. We are asking that you bring in candy no later than 10/27

-Request forms & fliers for the Photography Club’s (photography) services for other CCP clubs will be created by John Ervin

-Meeting minutes from the Photography Club will be sent to Sean, the VP of SGA

-Next meeting (10/20) we are asking everyone to bring in an item to add to our group produced Halloween Photo. Our goal is to create a set-up for a Halloween picture. Some ideas of what to bring are as follows: skulls, incents, rope, spider web, fake blood, mannequin, bloody hand. We are asking for everyone to bring a form of light (candle, LED flashlight, etc…)
-Next week’s meeting will be ½ hr in room B1-11 then we will go to the studio to create the Halloween photo.

-Len Parry showed us pictures of the Leadership Retreat.... Really nice photos!. Suggest you view them again!!!!

-CCP is offering the Photography Club members the opportunity to take pictures around the school & of the various athletic teams. This would be a great opportunity to interact with other clubs throughout CCP. For more information, please contact Earl.

Next Meeting Tues 10/20....Bring your camera to participate in a Halloween theme studio photo. PROPS needed, any kind!

See you then!

Meeting ended at 6 PM

Minutes compiled by Ronda Taylor
Edited for accuracy by MJJoniec

Here's a photo from last year's studio session......

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