Thursday, April 15, 2010

CCP Photography Club
Meeting 4.12.10 in Rm. B1-11 (at school)
Attending: Courtney Thall, Jen Rigler, Bill McDowell, Henry Kurniawan, Walt Johnson, Mary Leszcynska, Fred Rosso, Andrey Kolyada, John Ervin, Treas. Len Parry, Pres. Earl Weeks, Fac Advisor Michael Joniec. Total = 12
Meeting began at 4 PM in Rm. B1-11, at school)

-President Earl Weeks welcomed all attendees & thanked all for a really good show!
-Special Thank you to: Hosts / Joint owners of DaDa Rugs & Art Gallery (Davoud Rad) & GarGoyles, Ltd. (Hadassah Zuberi). Thank You gifts (CCP Photography Club Embroidered Patches) were presented making our cordial hosts honorary members of the club. Yummy hors d'oeuvres supplied by Whole Foods, South St., compliments CCP Clubs & Organizations, sanctioned by Student Government Association.) {Soft Drinks supplied by hosts}
-ALL Faculty encouraged (by MJJ, Faculty Advisor to Club) to support & participate in Photo Club opening reception, advertising, marketing, word of mouth promotions & any other moral and actual support...... so students can feel as though they have succeeded in an educational & community outreach event!
-How would you RATE the show?
-What it means to have stuff "Ready To Hang"?
-Doug Rivera, VP, (Local Philly Artist!), will make certificates for members who frequently participated in club activities..... during academic year 2009-2010.
-The owner of "Philadelphia PhotoGraphics" photo lab in CC has offered each exhibiting student one free "Giclee" (Inkjet) print for the next gallery show.
-We would like our Secretary, Tom March, to go to Webcam & Calumet.... to get promotional, free, give-away items to club members.
-Soon, We are going to need to Vote for all new officers & faculty advisor.
-Len Parry demonstrated the new I PHONE app for the Canon 7D camera that is tethered to a laptop computer..... sends a "Live View" to I Phone and allows complete camera control...... from a remote location!!!!!!
-Use the "Arctic Butterfly" for camera sensor cleaning in conjunction with cleaning swabs.
-Check out & for photo technical info & idea gathering.

Members (Andre & Henry) showed photos from opening night festivities & personal work from NYC travels.
Members broke into small groups & discussed techniques for better picture taking & processing.
Walt Told A Joke.
MJ took a Poke at the Pope.
Mary Spoke!
No Mo Smoke.

Check out your VERY Up - To - Date (J Ervin, WebMaster) ccp photo-club blog....

Meeting ended at 6 PM
Minutes compiled by: Andrey Kolyada
Edited for accuracy by: Michael J. Joniec

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