Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes from 3.15.10

The Community College of Philadelphia
Photography Club
meeting 3/15/2010 minutes
Attending: Mary Leszezyska, Len Parry, John Ervin, c.Artzy Lysg (can't read it... who are you?), Natalie Kellem, Jennifer Rigler, Fred Rosso, Bill McDowell, Andre Kolyada, Walter Johnson, Beau Johnson, Earl Weeks, FA Michael Joniec. New Member: Danika (Dan-ee'-ka) Smith (Smith'). Total = 15. Conspicuously Absent: VP Doug Rivera, Sec. Tom March, Courtney Thall, Ngoc Tran, Antonio McCall, Aaron Brown, (how about you stop in ASAP?)
Meeting began at 4 PM in B1-11
-Pres, members, & Fac Advisor welcomed new member Danika Smith. Welcome aboard.... hope you'll attend frequently!
-Pres Earl reports, "Can the Photo Dept store the club's purchased equipment? There isn't enough storage room in clubs office & there is fear of theft-for now-Dept Head of PhotoImaging needs to send Ms. Weaver a letter asking."
N.B. Since the meeting this has already occurred... waiting for official response which we expect will be in the affirmative.
-President reports: NO ALCOHOL to be served at Club's Off Campus Print Show if CCP is associated due to liability concerns.
N.B. Members voted to exclude alcohol at all club activities. Unanimous.
-Tresury Report: Club Balance of funds = $1148.00
-Earl Reports: South St Whole Foods will be catering the print show at 120 N 3rd St, Sat, 4/10, 5-9PM.
-The upcoming Club Print Show at gallery 120 N. 3rd St. will be our 5th annual off campus print show. Our Cordial & accommodating host will be, once again, Davoud Rad, DaDa Rug & Art Gallery, new location...... returning to Old City, 120 N. 3rd. St. Many thanks to Alex DiFiori for the original introduction to Davoud!
-Saturday, April 10, 5-9PM will be the Grand Opening event.
-"Ready to Hang" prints are due in regular club meeting on Monday March 29th. Prints to be transported to 12th & Samson on Tuesday afternoon, March 30 by student volunteers. Davoud Rad will hang prints for show opening deadline, First Friday in April, the 2nd.
-****Artist Statement needs to be submitted as well. 8.5x11, 3rd person viewpoint is preferred. Students encourage to READ about statements at:
N.B.**** Please Read about statements as there was some erroneous information presented at the meeting!
-Members reviewed images presented for consideration by members for the print show. Activities continue next week, also.
-WACOM, the pen & tablet manufacturer, will be at school tomorrow, 3/16, 4PM, Photo Classroom B1-15. Come & learn an easy way to manipulate images via a drawing tablet which is linked to your computer.
N.B. Since this writing the event has already occurred & was informative & well attended. Wish we owned a bunch of them!!!!!
-Mary Leszezyska showed three antique Kodak Brownie Cameras to members & asked for information regarding film types & worthiness to use in modern times.
-PHOTORAMA, Holiday Inn, Ft. Washington, Sunday, 3/21, 10AM-3PM, Students with ID=$2.00..... very Worthwhile! New & Used camera/photographic supplies at good, low prices.
-Photo Club to participate in Photo Dept activities, w/o 3/22-26.... "PhotoSpace, March is Media Month!", Bonnell Lobby, Tues, 3/23, 11AM-3PM, Photocaricatures, Volunteers needed, report at 10:45 to B1-13.... or stop by as you are able!!!! Bring a Friend!

Meeting Ended at 6 PM

Minutes compiled by Natalie Kellem
Edited for accuracy by MJoniec

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