Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes from 3.22.10

Meeting Minutes 3.22.10
Attending in B1-11: Mary Lez, Billy McD, Nat al ie, Colonel JenRig, Athyhy8 (a.k.a. Andre Kolyada), Marvin, Ervin, Courtney, Fred Ros, VP/Local Philly Artist, Weeks, MJ.... and welcoming new member...HENRY K!!
Meeting began at 4PM in B1-11

-Earl will finalize everything with Whole Foods
--Needs a dummy Recp't from Whole foods (≥$400.00) to submit to school
--Photo Club involvement in "PhotoSpace" activities to benefit Photo Dept to occur on Tues 3/28. Photo Printer requested but will still save files for future use. Volunteers requested.
Editor's Note: Since writing event has occurred.... event successful!
--Davoud Rad, Proprietor DaDa Rugs & Art Gallery, 120 N. 3rd St, will get 30% of the proceeds from off campus Gallery Show in April
-Club members reviewed people's photographs for off campus gallery show
-Doug discussed pricing our photographs for the show
-Reviewed pricing for prints on MPIX and PHILADELPHIA PHOTOGRAPHICS websites
-Davoud wants the prints by Tues, 3/29 to hang for FIRST FRIDAY in Old City, Friday, 4/2, 4PM-9PM
-Grand Opening of off campus Gallery Show, Saturday, 4/10/10, 5-9PM, 120 N. 3rd St., Philadelphia, Pa., 19106
******NO ALCOHOL PERMITTED****** as per school rules

Are you Participating in the Print Show???? Displaying Photos? Performing Music? Attending? Bringing Family or Friends? Corporate Casual or Black Tie Attire? Documenting via Video? Audio?
Punch Back.... let us know!!!

We Hope to see you there!

Minutes Compiled by: Miss Natalie Kellem
Edited by: Mr. Michael Joniec

Have a Nice Day!

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