Saturday, April 10, 2010

Meeting Minutes from 3.29.10

CCP Photography Club
Meeting 3.29.10 Minutes
Attending: J Ervin, A Kolyada, C Thall, H Kurniawam, M Leszczynski, J Rigler, W Johnson, F Rosso, B McDowell, A Lopes, E Weeks, D Rivera, L Parry, N Kellem, FacAdvisor M Joniec. New Member: Jeannette Walz. Visitor: Annette Hall Total=17
Meeting began at 4 PM in B1-11

A hardy welcome to new member, Jeannette Walz, former Photo 101 student, given by all attending members.

Press release to announce GRAND OPENING of Print Exhibit, 4/10/10, needed in jpeg/PDF and Word documents. Maybe contact WPRB.

All paperwork was submitted to school administration for the show.

Earl is waiting on the invoice from Wholefoods. He is going to apply for the Photo club to remain open for the Summer and also to request more funds for the club. $750 is the most he can request.

Fred created a standard model release form we can all use.

We discussed making a day trip somewhere so we can use some of the remaining funds.

Annette Hall from Children's Missionary Incorporated spoke with the club to request someone to make a letter head logo/picture to support their efforts in raising funds to fight hunger in Philadelphia.

Members submitted framed/ready to hang artwork for group gallery show. Members reviewed additional work in anticipation of late delivery to gallery.

Fred Rosso & Tony Lopes agreed to deliver all submitted artwork to the gallery..... Thank Y'all!

Meeting ended at 6 PM

Minutes compiled by Natalie Kellem
Edited for accuracy by Michael Joniec...................

Use This for your announcements to family & Friends:

The CCP Photography Club, Group Print Show/Exhibit, Opens First Friday in Old City, 4/2/10, 120 N 3rd St., Phila Pa 19106.
(3rd St between Arch & Race, Right Next Door to Premier Gallery, "Roger Lapelle"...... Great Little Italian Restaurant only footsteps away!!!)
Grand Opening Reception Saturday 4/10/10, 5-9 PM, 120 N 3rd St. All Most Cordially Invited To Attend!!!!
We are hoping for some quiet, tasteful entertainment provided by club members.
Bring A Friend.

The 88 persons on the group e mail list and the 17 persons regularly attending weekly meetings at school........ all are hoping for your continued support.

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