Wednesday, February 1, 2012

CCP Photography Club
Meeting Minutes 1/30/2012
New member Amanda Baouchi, Andrey Koylada, Bill McDowell, Elenora Antsis, Binh Tran, Fred Rosso, Walt Johnson, Franklin Smith, Michael Joniec Total=9.
Meeting began at 4:15 PM in Rm B1-11 @ school

-Members viewed lighting equipment on line. A "Flashpoint II 620M" portrait/wedding monolight kit for $499.97 was chosen & recommended for photo club purchase. Andre motioned to purchase, Bin 2nd. All members vote to proceed with the purchase using Photo Club funds.
-Fred reported that our scholarship fund is in good standing. $250.00 per year for 2 years. Will be awarded to a Photo Major who is an active club member. (must attend at least four meetings)
-Officers are reminded of student council meetings. Need to participate. 1 meeting per month on the last wednesday of the month.
-Fred mentioned that the Barne's Museum will open May 19th
-Members viewed "Spring Arts Schedule" from The Philadelphia Inquirer.
-There will be a PhotoSafari/Gallery Stroll this Friday 2/3. Meet on the benches at 2nd & Market Sts., Phila 19106.
-Andre suggested another photosafari to Valley Forge National Historic Park.
-MJ reported we are waiting for responses from The Phila Inquirer & Phila Photographics about club member tours.
-Members requested considering a field trip to Calumet Photographics.... Fred will inquire
-MJ showed tripods donated by Art Danek. One ok for light duty club use. One old one only good to hold a small light.
-Fred mentioned... don't forget Raffle basket donations... ok to bring in more items next week 2/6. We received donations from MJoniec, JSpielberg, AWychunis, ABaouchi, FRosso. Thank You!
-Members viewed images from AKoylada & BTran.
-Next Monday.... View Images from PhotoSafari!!!

Meeting ended at 5:30 PM

Minutes compiled by Amanda Baouchi
Penned from notes by: MJoniec

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